2016 – d13 – go with the flow , turtles , flor do mar , pastry palace, truck crushes cat nitemare

the anjuna fountain/lake

P1080293 P1080273

groundhog day at the hospital nearst anthonys hospital … hardly a holiday ! anyway shes looking a bit better anyway from the drips . been doing lots of tests on her , the hospital has been great actually . and considering she has had about 10 nurses , several doctors , private room with sat tv etc and all the meds etc its peanuts really . its by anjuna/vagator petrol pump .

P1080295 P1080299

needed a break so said to the mrs im off to morjim to see if i can do or organise a hot air baloon ride . not for her that , so thought i might as well do my best to kill myself and have a bed next to her in hospital as we hit powerlines or crash land lol . i know they launch one place in north goa on the chapora river at morjim , and one in south goa as it said on the website . set off on the bike and couldnt help stopping at the long established in goa “pastry palace” at morjim x-roads on the way . pastries and cakes just so good … AND CLEAN [very important right now haha] . hygiene rating definitely a 10 😉

P1080300 P1080310 P1080308 P1080307 P1080305 P1080304 P1080301

and down the side of the chapora river passed flor do mar . was going to do this place this year but illness has kinda changed plans a bit .


P1080319 P1080333 P1080328 P1080327


and onto morjim beach . one of our best times last in goa was definitely further along the coast releasing the turtles with the local authorities and celebs , so called into the turtle conservation place to see how they where doing this year . they had one of the turtles that had been killed , i guess in formaldehyde . didnt look fully grown tho . poor thing , but it was reasurring to see a few had nested and laid their eggs again up here , however they are sadly so few and far between nowadays in goa .

P1080339 P1080346 P1080345 P1080343 P1080342 P1080341 P1080340

looked all over for the hot air baloon place to no avail – they just dont set sail here according to the locals . another amazing piece of organisation from goa tourist board . pathetic really ! later back at the hospital i managed to blag the doctors to let me mrs out of a couple of hours so we could eat . did shamba last night for amazing food , so sticking with the same standard it was go with the flow .

on the way there on the bike we where behind a truck and it was horrific – we saw a cat run over by the truck on front of us . first it was the screams then we saw the poor thing come from under the wheels . i will spare the gory details as it still haunts me to this day , but we had to pull over for a while , it was soul destroying for us both . the mrs was in tears just coming out of hospital and seeing that it just couldnt get any worse . we are both huge cat nut jobs so tonite we hit rock bottom . i went back on my own leaving the mrs for a minute  to try and help the cat [or what was left of it] with some locals . poor soul , so unfair on the animals out here some of them dont half have a hard life . after about 20 minutes we carried on to GWTF . they used to be in anjuna , but moved to baga . the food here is amazing fine dining but it was difficult to enjoy it . . on arrival had to have a ret outside for 15 mins before going in , then i ordered a drink straight away . zero appetite after seeing that, we left it about 40 minutes before ordering food . over dinner we decided for the good of us both we need to leave north goa ASAP , we where on a bad roll , so weve decided to head to south goa for a totally clean start , earlier than we had anticipated and for the remainder of our holiday rather than just 5 days break . go with the flow , really was good service , restaurant and food  . dont know which id prefer , here or shamba last night . both excellent .

P1080348-1 P1080358 P1080357 P1080356 P1080354 P1080352 P1080350 P1080349

only just realised looking back at that bill , they didnt charge us for starters . excellent food , take a visit , its now the #1 place on tripadvisor too .

heres a video of the anjuna lake fountain , driving thru morjim along the chapora river , a walk out onto morjim beach etc up to siolim fish market junction .


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4 Responses to 2016 – d13 – go with the flow , turtles , flor do mar , pastry palace, truck crushes cat nitemare

  1. othmar häle says:

    How was South Goa? Or did I miss the posts? Saw some of your vids on Bambuser, especially liked the one in front of the Agonda White Sand. Was there in Nov 14 and will return in Feb 17, my Mrs declared this place as paradise. Is the south busy in February?
    Real nice blog you have, and really helpful. Used it a lot when planning my last trip to goa.
    Keep going!

    • tharobster says:

      ive got 2 weeks of fun in the south to put up still , just havent had chance and been away again since too . thanks for the cool message its nice to know it serves its intended purpose ! i will put up before this season starts tho . btw south really worked for us , been a couple of times before but it was best yet last visit and still relatively unspoilt down there even if it is a touch busier [but not ccb by any means] . you can still jump on yur bike and find your own deserted beach in 15 minutes . enjoy your travel adventures ….

  2. Nick M says:

    Understand your decision to move on from North Goa, sounds like a holiday from hell at the moment.

    I’ve got sympathy with you on the cat incident too. My wife and I were in Cyprus and left a restaurant and while waiting for a taxi came across a group of street cats, all in pretty bad shape. One kitten in particular had a leg and eye missing and my wife picked it up. I said to put it down or you’ll get attached. We walked away, and it started following us, meowing. The cab came and we had to leave it, but she was in tears and I was pretty choked. I’d be amazed if it would have lived more than a few weeks. We spoke to the locals about it and they were completely indifferent. That basically ruined the holiday and we’ll never go back to Cyprus now.

    Hope your luck changes!

    • tharobster says:

      how awful for you . yeh last time we where in greece we where buying food and feeding the kittens down the harbour , same as we do in goa . they really should expand neutering programmes in these places it dont cost much . some of the animals in goa have the hardest of lives , meanwhile india launches spaceships while half the country hasnt got a toilet water or electricity . the mind boggles it really does . man is a disaster .

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