2016 – d8 – little vagator, chapora fort sunset point, lucky shack, oltre marino, burger factory

Hung out down oltre marino little vagator. A couple of people from belgium had to ask at least 5 diff waiters for ‘grilled vegetables’ from their menu , it went on for over 20 minutes !  ‘Plate of grilled veg , nothing else’ was repeated several times to each waiter when they where asked for their order. It was a comedy act , each one apparently leaving with the order to send a new waiter out to ask another 10 times , all of us where in stitches on the beach . Some of the waiters are absolutely thick as 2 short planks, they ruin places repuations at times.

P1070786 P1070766

Another example : we ordered 2 pinneapple strawberry avocado shakes at oltre marino . Instead of saying we have dont have that one , they used pinneapple , but skipped the avocado , and added some strawberry syrup and expected everything would be ok and we wouldnt notice ! This is a premium place taking the pi55 cos the italian owners arent in today .

My mate the donut seller is doing his usual deals on ozran/little vagator beach. He struck gold just now . On his return from his beach sweep along the bay he had 12 unsold donuts. I chased him and took one , and while buying a young russian girl ran up and said she wanted 11! A salesmans dream,  he sold the lot in one go striking gold. Loved seeing his pure joy when he thought he would have 12 unsold ones . He left extremely happy ! his donuts are jam or chocolate , and so fresh . 40 or 50 i think he charges , probably makes 20r a donut or something . this is him last time didnt get  apic this year but he always carries the same tray and same type of clothes , shirt n pants .


Antares , the new shack on little vagator beach that got built closed season has some cool grooves playing , but only 2 clients in the whole place again , empty every day . the reason is prices in here … the menu has 250r blue ribband gin shots which are 6r cost in the supermarket , probably 3r wholesale . some mark up ! ive seen their facebook page and it is solely aimed at the mumbai princess crowd with their sunday buffet at 1500 a head . buffet food sucks its the easiest way to get sick eating food thats cold and has had flies on . just dont get this place . want to use this place but refuse to on principle ! i can buy that bottle of gin for 170r for 750ml . they want 250r for 30 ml !!!!  just NO


We left oltremarino for a walk , and on the way back opted for lucky shack for afternoon tea 🙂

P1070921 P1070927 P1070926 P1070925

P1070928 P1070930 P1070929

After the beach we headed to Chapora fort for sunset,  god this place is a magnet for the indian tourist now. Must have been easily over a hundred people,  usually lucky if theres 5 in previous years . along with all this development and influx of domestic tourist theres the usual drinks food stalls … plus a random hat stall ? Just weird . Give em an inch theyll build a shop… With increased visitors to chapora brings more filthy littering out of state idiots … shame all these out of state tourists dump so much rubbish all over the fort and smash all their beer bottles by the hundreds , theres glass literally everywhere . Dirty bstrds

P1070931 P1070932 P1070933 P1070936 P1070937

after you have walked up the hill to get to the fort youre rewarded with fantastic views both north and south , plus inland towards mapusa and the ghats , and west towards the sunset over the arabian sea . search ‘chapora fort’ on right hand side box of this blog , youll see more entries with videos showing more details of what you can see [anjuna , vagator , morjim , ashvem , chapora river etc …

P1070943 P1070944 P1070945 P1070962 P1070964

this is where vagator friday night market is held , near thalassa vagator


and this is the new building W HOTEL , at the bottom of chapora fort . at the base of the entrance road they have built an enormous white modern structure , its huge !!!  In chapora?  seems weird , almost out of place located in what we call ‘skid row’ AKA chapora . if you hang down chapora town centre its all bikers , pot heads , travellers , etc etc , the most low budget scruffy grunge town in goa by far . i like it here for an hour or two , but its totally opposite to this modern swanky posh place . it has a large circular drive up to the roof level , and huge wooden framed roof canopy almost like a helipad , with pure white walls.  its not far from being complete and open asap .

P1070940 P1070939

The mrs is feeling really sick today , getting worse day by day , something seems wrong despite taking 6 days of meds now . so it was takeaway for one at burger factory anjuna for a burger [sorry cows!] . they do a few killer veggie ones the mrs would have loved to try again [bean corn , spinach mushroom , another one cant remember] . they make them fresh so you can have whatever in the patttie . plus loads of meat varieties for us carnivores . absolutely massive things . i had bbq beef bacon cheese . nice seeing these guys go from a tiny hole in the wall a few years back to a cool little arty joint with a fab chandelier made out of jars [see it to marvel at its effective simplicity] . the front of a push bike has been recycled into a wall light . such clean fresh tasty burgers and get my vote every time . i know this tan calf ive bonded with on little vagator will smell death on me tomorrow when i see it ! sorry cows ;-(

bf anjuna bf2 bf3


chapora fort video link :


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