2016 – day 3 – sick sick sick …

horrific night of illness , ill all day so stayed in our hotel n watched movies and sat on the terrace never too far from the toilet cursing anjuna and goa , this filthy place and the total lack of basic hygiene standards. Every single time without fail. Rotten !!!

As if to make matters worse one of our movies was called burnt with bradley cooper. Uma thurman, sienna miller . it was all about michelin star chefs oh bloody haha the irony ! Chalk n cheese it really is.


Next thing you know ill be off to nicks place for pie and chips with boiled veg , at least i will live even if i will leave underwhelmed!!

cnadolim food

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1 Response to 2016 – day 3 – sick sick sick …

  1. Nick M says:

    Pot Noodle mate, with the odd apple every now and then…… can’t go wrong.

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