2016 – day 6 – re source, anjuna market, elephant bar, coral blue , roma , anjuna beach

Started the day with trip to chemist for a couple of packs of pills for the mrs , shes still continually nautious , plus some electrolytes sachets . 190r total for everything . Bargain . I find the chemists excellent and knowledgeable.


By sheer chance the moment i did a quick video this happened . a ‘military allouette helicopter’ i was told on tripadvisor .


Being wednesday , its market day in anjuna . love it here lower prices than the nightmarket and not as packed . Had a good shop tho,including some tshirts , mrs gota  few tops , plus couple of pairs of the finest 150r ”fakebans” sunglasses which i go thru about 4 pairs out here lol

P1070749 P1070753 P1070770





heres a long video – a tour of anjuna market . shooting from the hip and just wandering round the stalls , kinda gives you an idea of what to expect first person point of view style

Just been in ” resource organic cafe ” in anjuna market. Ordered organic homemade coke, clearly made from recycled buffalo urine ! mrs had homemade lemonade, served warm and flat. glasses served half full and drank neither . i had a note of this place to particularly try out as it looked good online , decided against it based on the drinks . maybe another time .

P1070755 P1070756




P1070762 P1070763 P1070764

which path to take next …. beach , market , beach , market … beach !!!  with the market adjacent to the beach youre spoilt for choice ! on the end of the anjuna market video youll see me walk thru here and along the back of the beach shacks and onto the beach . there are dozens of ways to the beach this isnt the only way .


after our shopping we did the elepant bar on anjuna beach . got a strawberry smoothie loaded with that much cardamon i couldnt taste much anything afterwards . Mouth feels like i just ate a joss stick. Nice shack on the beach tho , comfy seats on the floor, a pool table, open kitchen, and a spice mad chef 🙂  toilets stunk tho so didnt order any real food based on the kitchens being same as toilets and the shack staffs beds all laid out on the floor of the restaurant . if they cant lean the bog or put the beds away theres no chance of bleach being used here , but ok for drinks and service . after shore bar going there isnt a single place on anjuna beach i trust as being clean and ive tried most of them . Beach is packed in the busiest day part and on a wednesday [market day] . really youthful people all in carefree party mode. Good vibes. Janet and johns shack vs cafe lilleput are having a battle of the soundsystems.

P1070775 P1070778 P1070779 P1070780 P1070786 P1070787 P1070790 P1070791 P1070795 P1070803

usual mini circus sessions live from the beach !

this is a video live from elephant bar at sunset

Hope the following live stream videos i did set the feel of the moment

Wednesday, market day, elephant bar, anjuna beach live

Live video of sunset from anjuna goa


for dinner we ate at roma italian in vagator , really nice here and packed out for the last two seasons now its expanded . something normal ish cos the mrs is still sick . at least she is trying food again . things improving , slightly ?


heres the menu for coral blue , open 24-7 no anjuna main road and has HD . will put late night sports programmes [ie football!] on for you any time day or night .






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