goa dec13-jan14 : day 4 – orangeboom , janet + johns , 100 pillows , sher a punjab , soffala ,

Started with hangover cure at orangeboom anjuna . Not been here before . Quite a cool place . Typical goan confusion you often get and love so much … beans on toast please and what bread do you have waiter / white sir / do you have brown waiter / yes sir / OK beans on brown and black coffee waiter – then it arrives on white muffin ?? ok waiter I said brown / no we don’t have brown this is local bread sir , wobble . Followed by a *white* coffee not black . #faceplant . classic example “COMES AS WHOLE” whatever that means . Mrs wasn’t impressed and top put the proverbial icing on the cake the beans where cold ! Sausage toasty worked for me tho and the strawberry shake with ice cream float was the highlight. Add a tea and bottle of water and the bill came to 450. probably won’t return , its better and cheaper over the street at cafe diogo and they have brown hp sauce and hold the confusion too ha , but we have to try these things at least once .






Hanging out on anjuna beach today at Janet & johns . Its drinks only here as we have just discovered the kitchen is rotten , full of flies , and appliances not seen a good scrub in donkeys years much to the delight of the flies πŸ™‚ was surprised cos its always a popular busy shack . if you go to the side towards toilet just look left thru the window . hmmm …




either side are alternative shacks , this is possibly the busiest part and noisiest part of anjuna beach , with

shore bar




cant remember


xtreme sports bar


cafe lilliput


anyway the music’s absolutely booming here , deep house and edm mixture . 2 Russian young girls early 20’s have been having proper club podium moments for 2 hours shaking what their momma gave them on the sand like they where at the niteclub ,


a few girls come out of the sea and are surrounding by a pack of a dozen crazy beach dogs lead by a naughty dalmation who seems to be the ringleader , and have kicked off shouting the odds at these girls paddling , the 2 cops have gone , several sellers are back and its just seems to have gone mental at the moment ! Awesome . When in goa …



now a group of 20 Indians have invaded the ‘sand dancefloor’ , perving , and adding to the commotion


took some widescreen shots , so if your using a tasty monitor check out these

panoramic widescreen images 2480 Γ— 428

P1020417 ws

P1020419 ws

went for more curries at the local anjuna vagator ‘sher-a-punjab’ rather than dice with death and ‘janet & flies’ . keep getting tipped this place from locals and its spot on . chicken xacuti , veg biryani , dal , chicken cafrael and more are so nice . from starco go up vagator rd , past police station on right and 300m further up on crest of hill at x-roads junction its on the corner, a big place (as if you where turning right to bean me up) . no wonder its often packed with locals . cheap too . Mrs likes her veggie curries so she is loving it .





caught a rather average sunset where the sun got lost on the horizon quite early with a haze which has been the case often , a perfect one can be hard to find . later on jumped back over to baga again to try this new place called ‘100 pillows’ . nobody mentions it on tripadvisor etc so we thought we would try it as we found on the net . its on baga creek between mackies and humped baga bridge . didn’t see 1 pillow never mind 100 but they do a mean burger , nice hand ground beef filled with cheese , nice slaw , mustard dressing in a really fresh bun with hand cut proper chips , really good quality . the Mrs had an amazing salad too , pomegranates avocado walnuts dressing the lot , and says it was really really good .






after there we took a cruise on “the chopper” lol, thru baga , calangute , and swung off by candolim football pitch towards nerul village , over the grid to the new “hotel sofala” which is another place nobody mentions . maybe if they called it “red lion” it would spark more interest [joke]. its a restored Portuguese mansion which is now a high class hotel/rest/bar . with huge ceilings , 2 pools incl an infinity one . this place is stunning and has been tastefully restored . bit more pricey but not silly 250 wine 100 beer , 450 pasta pizza (plus tax) , would really suit a special occasion , quite elegant . they had a live band on playing some jazz funk tonite and every Thursday .











gonna do a bike mission tomorrow ….northbound . “we cant all be dennis hopper” as someone once said lmao πŸ˜‰


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