zante zakynthos 13: horrible sweet revenge, fab olive tree, p’s , meze , tsilivi restaurants and shops

after the day on tsilivi beach doing lots of sunbathing and swimming we watched the football this afternoon and had a good few pints , and a few points for the win  !

dsc02141 dsc02152 dsc02145 dsc02144 dsc02143

afterwards went and looked for somewhere to eat, deciding to use olive garden or  sweet revenge and looking at the menus outside but found the aussie staff really nasty and arrogant at sweet revenge … good god what is their problem at this restaurant ? pfft like you need to see that attitude on holiday ! while outside olive garden all of a sudden sweet revenge started attacking two of their customers [male and female , maybe american, or italian ??] and kicking them on the floor outside their restaurant , about 5 or 6 staff beating a woman with about 20 people outside watching and a whole load of diners in all the local restaurants . disgusting this happens in tsilivi . there was no way we were going in that place . shocking , absolute bloody animals who work there and several tripadvisor reviews mention this too ! decided not to go in there and to donate our hard earned cash elsewhere where they give a damn . looked at contessa , p’s , meze

dsc02155 dsc02161 dsc02160 dsc02156

but eventually settled for olive tree. had a really nice meal here , it was packed out every table , and the lady who owns it is a really nice and hard working ex pat english woman unlike the rats at sweet revenge. food was tasty but it really looks unspectacular in the pictures . but we had a particularly good meal here with fantastic service . highly recommended . food here : giant beans , and beef sofrito. think desert was baclava ?

dsc02163 dsc02170 dsc02169 dsc02168 dsc02167 dsc02166 dsc02165 dsc02164

heres a walk round tsilivi showing area, how busy it is peak summer, shops and things you can buy for tourists, restaurants etc. raw footage … making sure to avoid sweet revenge and their beating up customers policy ! good god it was shocking


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2 Responses to zante zakynthos 13: horrible sweet revenge, fab olive tree, p’s , meze , tsilivi restaurants and shops

  1. IanF says:

    You are a liar. We have been eating in Sweet Revenge for the last 12 years and know all the staff very well. Would you give a description of any member of staff involved in the incident you allege happened.

    • tharobster says:

      bit strong … why would I make that up. there was similar reviews and stories on line at same time. I was not the only witness, sweet revenge are animals. the word from other people was they didn’t enjoy starter then cancelled mains and got thrown down steps when leaving. everyone was talking about it in the rest and street all night try reading the bad reviews on trip advisor

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