2016 – day1 – anjuna beach , zaffran , chronicle , vagator night bazaar market

P1070519 P1070523

a cold looking bridge , wont be seeing this weather for a while


Fully immersed into goa mode now , but the brain is feeling still a touch scrambled and sleep all over the show. today it was a look round anjuna for new things… one was  La tomatina spanish restaurant in 2015 , and previously pj’s in 2014 ,  is this year called ‘juebox retro bar’ on main rd , and is dominated by large video screen pop projections . biggest change would have to be Soffitel have taken over a whole corner  of starco junction , erecting 20 ft high blue corrugated panels where the old abandoned units where and due to be flattened extending in both directions and dominating the whole junction . A massive high end hotel is planned but wont be open for many years yet . soffitel doesnt feel like anjuna in all honesty. it will be huge when complete .

then we hit anjuna beach , mostly mixed people in anjuna as usual – israeli italian german canadian lots of indian and a cockney guy in oxford stores . Anjuna beach shorebar has sadly closed down,  cleanest on anjuna beach too . Gutted. Walked along the length of beach, the other change is elephant bar in the old xtreme sports bar is new this year. Everything else is exactly the same pretty much .


foodwise , started day with Apple porridge , fresh pinneapple juice,  expresso, avocado on toast, tea and expresso, 570. Bikes 200,  towels 150.

lunch and snacks … soups 120,  teas 40, massala papads mmmmm think it was 40 for two but zaffran was 20 for two and fluted shaped (quite unique) , juices 120 etc .

Evening meal was zaffran 350 rogan josh, 150 dal makhani, 100 rice, 125 large kingfishers. Zaffran is in ozran heights. Really good food and service.

P1040518 P1040519 P1040527 P1040521 P1040526

P1070539 P1070543 P1070544 P1070545

Also did the friday night market in vagator bought white bedding same as we got last year cos it was really nice we got more. Rajasthan musicians and dancers ace, and got some drinks at the bar large gnt 145 each and where knockout sized with 2 bottles of tonic. the vinyl ambulance disco bus was on show to pump some bass heavy deep house and techno out from the dj’s , c/o the cirrus dj’s .

P1070552 P1070557

Nyex and zero gravity are the new clubs but we did waters and chronicle. Waters party was empty (small beer 200 lol),  forever overpriced and empty here and a shame as its a top venue (thats for sale too),


and chronicle where we stayed at was much busier (small beer 160) with liquid sky techno tales dj gang that had a steady stream of people in the top bar area. this is chronicle …


P1070560 P1070559

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