zante zakynthos 9: black caves, earthquake ruins, alykes, varkarola, movida, portokali,

got the bike for another adventure today. started the day with another session on arguably the best beach in zante , alykes . crystal clear waters [isnt everywhere on the island?] and set with a spectacular moutain bacdrop, lovely sand , less crowds than the southern beaches , so nice …. and the water clarity – fantastico !

dsc01583 dsc01593 dsc01595 dsc01596


dsc01565 dsc01588

VIDEO: come and hang out on alykes beach for 20 minutes …

after here we had a drive around alykes town foraΒ  while , then headed inland several klm to black caves. youll find these signed on the main road on a T-junction.

after turning at the sign and crossing the main village x roads , the road kind of ends and goes to gravel mountain tracks and the ‘black caves trail’ goes cold. clearly there where missing signs somewhere [turned out it was a fork in the road part after main junction we should have taken a left but a sign was missing, we only discovered on the way back the point we should have gone left rather than right]. but that was ok, we came for an adventure and we got one. you need good bike skills to negotiate the potholes and gravel tracks for sure !! but wow, what a view/place we found amongst the old earthquake ruins a residential house it looked like , all on its own perched on the mountain side … the boxes in the pic below are bee hives . the ruins are the great earthquake ruins .

dsc01604 dsc01606 dsc01609 dsc01611 dsc01612 dsc01613 dsc01623

after we left this area we decided to keep exploring round on the bike when all of a sudden we found another tiny black caves sign yehhhh ! a few mins more riding and we arrived . there was a small sit off area , incredible views , a drinks stall [nobody was there it was locked up?], a collection tin we put a few euro change in, and a rough mountain path to scramble up … [for the able bodied that is] . its pretty ‘off the radar’ and nobody else was there. we went around 6pm in august, a couple of hours before sunset when it was a bit cooler from the 37* heat. you can see for miles right down to alykes and alikanas bays etc where we had been for the day . stunning view and complete silence apart from a windchime . check out video below .

dsc01653 dsc01656 dsc01684 dsc01687 dsc01689 dsc01692 dsc01693 dsc01695

video link : black caves zante >> click play >>

after viewing the caves and hanging out for a while we rolled back down the mountain paths passing more ruins . this crumbling old church was great . the village really is stuck in a timewarp .

dsc01700 dsc01701 dsc01702 dsc01703

after rejoining the main road we stopped for cakes . they also have ice creams and chocolates all made on site , so fresh NOM NOM ! worth stopping .

dsc01704 dsc01705 dsc01707 dsc01708 dsc01709

we got back to our hotel , showered and changed and headed out to zakynthos town area for a meal . first we went to argassi and a place called portokali orange. a cool n funky restaurant , but things for a vegan where in short supply . so we had a change of mind. it looked a really good place tho and you should try .

dsc01710 dsc01712 dsc01713

we did a u-turn back to zante town and tried another tip we had off a local ‘varkarola’ on the promenade . made the right choice for sure ! the food here is AWESOME ! starters deserts and mains all A+++++ .Β  in the pictures you can see a skordalia starter , stuffed peppers and tomatos , chicken and bacon souvlaki , and for desert i cannot remember the name now but it was tasty [shame cream was from a can but apart from that mmm !] . opposite the restaurant a mega boat registered in jersey called virtue had most people taking pictures as we ate !


dsc01715 dsc01716 dsc01717 dsc01718 dsc01719 dsc01720 dsc01721 dsc01723 dsc01725 dsc01726 dsc01727 dsc01728 dsc01731 dsc01732 dsc01734 dsc01735 dsc01736

we lft very happy with the 34 euro bill plus tip and headed up to the top of the hill to BOCHALI where there are late night cafes and bars . movida was the place we wanted to go to but discovered lots of other things up there too . it was pretty busy with a lot of cool hip people up on hte hill overlooking the town centre . probably the best cocktails we had all holiday where here , and the most expensive too. get what you pay for hey πŸ˜‰

dsc01748 dsc01755 dsc01762 dsc01768 dsc01769 dsc01770 dsc01773 dsc01776 dsc01777 dsc01778 dsc01780 dsc01782 dsc01784 dsc01785 dsc01787

end of a perfect day …. beaches , caves , adventure , dining , cocktails ……


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