goa 2015: D39 – aihole drone cam, karnataka > goa ride, beach & sakana

up today for the drive back to goa , came out my hotel and had a flat rear tyre DOH ;-(   took a ride into town for breakfast and dropped the bike at a tyre guy who fixed it while I ate . no biggie , thankfully it was a standard puncture and the tyre wall was ok .

VIDEO heres a final look up here at the temples , an alternative perspective seeing things people might not have seen before like the roof , this is location aihole [click>]

grabbed a load of fruit , water , juiced up the bike , started the gps , loaded my luggage and twisted the throttle of my ‘chopper’ [Honda activa 125 haha] . 16 hours non stop maxxed out for long periods especially on the nh4A , never missed a beat .

as usual you see tons of great sights along the wayP1050543


petrol was low , not many places stand out as being a  supply . one village which was a huge truck stop had no petrol at all even from bottles , but thankfully I made it to the next village 20 miles away and located some before crossing the ghats . that is remote up there wouldn’t want to run out of petrol up that way eek .  just before you hit goa on the Karnataka side of the border the road is dreadful , then you hit the state boundary and the road is perfect again the moment you cross over the line . didn’t half feel good to be ‘back’ . the signs saying no dumping of rubbish had been shit on and rubbish defiantly chucked around it which was really sad , talk about making a first impression of the state of goa !



like departing , the border post was once again unmanned .  you feel like your well on your way , in reality its probably about 2 hours to go , but its still a good indicator of not being killed yet . I knew if I made good time as I had so far I would get back for sunset cocktails in anjuna …. id not stopped as much as on the way , id bypassed hubli all together [no food/kfc stops lol] , no videos , trains , goats , sunflowers , no hanging out in peoples shops or exploring ruins like the journey there , so I took the journey down from about 8.45 hours there to what turned out to be  about 6.45 back home which was pretty solid on a twist n go moped / scooter . ahhhhhh anjuna , dumped my bags walked straight back out of the guest house [owner was relieved Id made it back she was worried about me going that far!] , and went direct to anjuna beach and literally walked into the sea without breaking stride . washing 7 hours / 300klm of traffic/road filth and dust off me that was bonded on with suncream was incredible . beach bum forever yehhh . loved the journey but by god it felt good to be back to the beach , even if it was oily anjuna …… cocktail por favor


after chilling for a couple of hours the reward was a trip to my fav – sakana Japanese in vagator for their amazing steak with all the trimmings and miso soup . still think this is my number one in goa .



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