goa 2015: D41 – querim / keri beach , sunset sessions arambol , goa , india

spent the day up on keri / querim beach far north of goa just before you hit maharashtra state line . on a good day you can get the whole north end of the beach to yourself , with just several shacks on the south end about half a mile back .








right down at the tiracol end you can see tiracol fort , the wall down to the sea , work being done on new roof , the cross in the sea for the fishermen , etc etc







heres a point of view video , spend 5 mins alone on keri beach 😉

when leaving keri i followed some sort of25 car & 50 motorbike parade all the way from keri to arambol [where i was going to coincidently for the sunset] . it was for one of the guys in the jeep who i presume is an elected politician type . i was bang in the middle of it ,  the only tourist , and i had the whole thing on video but ive lost the file . was funny . they played music full blast the whole journey out the back of a van , and let off fireworks all the way too in each village . shame the file has gone , it was a brilliant one too . the only thing i have from this epic journey are these 2 pics . doh ! whoever is in the white shirt is ‘the man’ !



and so arrived at arambol which is actually the nest beach to keri tho its a long way round to get to it . indulged in pre sunset beers as the crowds gathered for the nightly drumming session and impromptu flea market and general goan crazys 😉  here are some of the shacks where the sunset action happens , full moon , pacha , negi , basha etc

P1050684 P1050685 P1050686 P1050687 P1050689 P1050690

one guy did a theatrical dance on stilts for the sunset . the beach dogs looked totally bewildered !! love it here for the sunset , such an entertaining beach like no other in goa .

P1050697 P1050711 P1050712 P1050713 P1050714 P1050716 P1050717 P1050719

if you look carefully , maybe click picture , you can just see the sunset !

P1050724 P1050725

this is where the hippies and travellers set up their mini flea market on a small throw on the sand . they sell things like jewllery , hand crafts , tea , cake , fashion accessories etc , making enough money to keep them in goa for the season . they come from every country pretty much , a bohemian vibrant end to each day . love arambol .

P1050728 P1050730

here are some WIDESCREEN PANORAMIC SHOTS >>> clickP1050727

P1050692P1050726 P1050703 P1050705 P1050721

dont know what the track is in the background , gonna guess at johnny cash ??

after the sunset shenanigans it was late night biz at katzensuppe , techno debauchery and bass till late o’clock


by searching for arambol , keri , or katzensuppe on the box part way down on the right hand side you can find numerous more posts on this blog for those 3 places ie showing menus , shops , activities etc and tons more general info from previous visits …..

and just to put the old icing on the goan cake , have a bash on this aerial drone cam with a bit of old skool nostalgia that just seemed to fit the mood …. comments , shares … fire away guys ….

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