goa 2015: D40 – little vagator beach, roma restaurant, chronicle bar

after the massive 8 hour journeys on the bike from india back into goa , today was all about chilling and tried to keep mileage into a few miles rather than a few hundred ! so good to be back to the beach from the hot stifling heat inland , maybe enjoy some alcohol and meat lol . hung out on little vagator beach with beers n food , did some boogie boarding , drank some cocktails , went to chronicle for sunset … chillllllll ….




chronicle , next to alcove hotel









sunset sessions

next to chronicle is ‘one’ , it used to be called ‘terrace’ and was lame . not tried here yet .



later on went to roma who have really upped their game this year . was good previously but now its twice the wize and they have lots more dishes , not just pizza . opposite here is the immense sakana japanese [sushi and steaks rock here] , and the house club called bubble brunch which opens minight till 6am most nights , and is one of the few true house venues where most others are psy trance or tech house .




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4 Responses to goa 2015: D40 – little vagator beach, roma restaurant, chronicle bar

  1. rahulshah says:

    I see you enjoying goa my friend! Even tho I’m a 55 Minute flight away (Mumbai) i can’t make it there anytime soon. your blog is on my favourite bookmark so i keep checking for your updates! 😀 Don’t forget Artjuna for breakfast as i told you last time 😀 Cheers!

  2. Stephane says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. I cannot be in Goa this year, so your blog keeps me in touch with those amazing sunsets 🙂

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