2016 – d13 – go with the flow , turtles , flor do mar , pastry palace, truck crushes cat nitemare

the anjuna fountain/lake

P1080293 P1080273

groundhog day at the hospital nearst anthonys hospital … hardly a holiday ! anyway shes looking a bit better anyway from the drips . been doing lots of tests on her , the hospital has been great actually . and considering she has had about 10 nurses , several doctors , private room with sat tv etc and all the meds etc its peanuts really . its by anjuna/vagator petrol pump .

P1080295 P1080299

needed a break so said to the mrs im off to morjim to see if i can do or organise a hot air baloon ride . not for her that , so thought i might as well do my best to kill myself and have a bed next to her in hospital as we hit powerlines or crash land lol . i know they launch one place in north goa on the chapora river at morjim , and one in south goa as it said on the website . set off on the bike and couldnt help stopping at the long established in goa “pastry palace” at morjim x-roads on the way . pastries and cakes just so good … AND CLEAN [very important right now haha] . hygiene rating definitely a 10😉

P1080300 P1080310 P1080308 P1080307 P1080305 P1080304 P1080301

and down the side of the chapora river passed flor do mar . was going to do this place this year but illness has kinda changed plans a bit .


P1080319 P1080333 P1080328 P1080327


and onto morjim beach . one of our best times last in goa was definitely further along the coast releasing the turtles with the local authorities and celebs , so called into the turtle conservation place to see how they where doing this year . they had one of the turtles that had been killed , i guess in formaldehyde . didnt look fully grown tho . poor thing , but it was reasurring to see a few had nested and laid their eggs again up here , however they are sadly so few and far between nowadays in goa .

P1080339 P1080346 P1080345 P1080343 P1080342 P1080341 P1080340

looked all over for the hot air baloon place to no avail – they just dont set sail here according to the locals . another amazing piece of organisation from goa tourist board . pathetic really ! later back at the hospital i managed to blag the doctors to let me mrs out of a couple of hours so we could eat . did shamba last night for amazing food , so sticking with the same standard it was go with the flow .

on the way there on the bike we where behind a truck and it was horrific – we saw a cat run over by the truck on front of us . first it was the screams then we saw the poor thing come from under the wheels . i will spare the gory details as it still haunts me to this day , but we had to pull over for a while , it was soul destroying for us both . the mrs was in tears just coming out of hospital and seeing that it just couldnt get any worse . we are both huge cat nut jobs so tonite we hit rock bottom . i went back on my own leaving the mrs for a minute  to try and help the cat [or what was left of it] with some locals . poor soul , so unfair on the animals out here some of them dont half have a hard life . after about 20 minutes we carried on to GWTF . they used to be in anjuna , but moved to baga . the food here is amazing fine dining but it was difficult to enjoy it . . on arrival had to have a ret outside for 15 mins before going in , then i ordered a drink straight away . zero appetite after seeing that, we left it about 40 minutes before ordering food . over dinner we decided for the good of us both we need to leave north goa ASAP , we where on a bad roll , so weve decided to head to south goa for a totally clean start , earlier than we had anticipated and for the remainder of our holiday rather than just 5 days break . go with the flow , really was good service , restaurant and food  . dont know which id prefer , here or shamba last night . both excellent .

P1080348-1 P1080358 P1080357 P1080356 P1080354 P1080352 P1080350 P1080349

only just realised looking back at that bill , they didnt charge us for starters . excellent food , take a visit , its now the #1 place on tripadvisor too .

heres a video of the anjuna lake fountain , driving thru morjim along the chapora river , a walk out onto morjim beach etc up to siolim fish market junction .


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2016 – d12 – typhoid / hospital, shamba restaurant anjuna fine dining – amazing ! tuk tuk

Tue 9 – day 12

Well hampi was a paid up non starter, mrs has been unwell on various pills and antibiotics for 8 days but things have really kicked off to another level , burning up on belly and head, seriously violent d&v, dehydration, fatigue and cramps. Doctor came out and immediately called a taxi … urrently in hospital on a drip with typhoid !! She hasnt eaten for 3 days and cant keep even fluid down. Her blood pressure was 83-53. So many people in anjuna are ill, literally everyone knows numerous casualties and the docs is packed out. One woman drove in with her daughter draped over the back of a bike while mrs robster was puking down the side of the docs. Take extra precautions out here its nasty.


often seen … never used . the old taxi meter !!!


I said last time im done with the filthy hygene out here , mrs really wanted to go back here whereas i was planning for cambodia or phillipines. She feels same now lying in hospital. Never have i had d&v every single time anywhere else in the world but Goa. We have a clean hotel, use alcohol gel, dont put hands in mouth, keep mouth shut in shower, shes vegan im often no meat and trying to avoid local chicken. I dont eat in shacks anymore and often go without food all afternoon, and after my day2 illness after a curry id given up eating indian food. It just isnt a holiday eating grilled corn, shakes and porridge etc anymore,  as nice as they are you get bored… enoughs enough now.. Been here 12 days and had one night out where we where both sort of ok ish. Ive only had several kingfishers and cocktails in 12 days. Pretty much zero clubbing. Goa pushes you to the limits of endurance at times😉

tuk tuk for one back to hotel …


Onwards and upwards … so after spending 2 hours at the doctors then 7 hours in the hospital i left the wife eating her allowed 1 slice of dry toast to do some fine dining [i know,  no shame haha!]. Shamba in anjuna is somewhere ive really been waiting to try out. They dont do that much vegan aimed dishes so while we have a “man down” i thought id visit here lol. Great service,  cool music, interesting menu and premium pricing. It was pork 3 ways but with mash as opposed the butterbean puree. 600r is the price, with 100 for the kingfisher ultra.

P1080292 P1080290 P1080289 P1080286 P1080282

Complimentary bread was served, fresh butter and true home baked bread which you can tell a mile away from the texture of it. Pork was delish and melted in my mouth. Its fine dining style so if you are coming to fill your greedy boots it isnt going to happen but the portions where perfect for me. The stuffed croquette was excellent too. The chef and head waiter both came to check everything was good. Went for the passion fruit desert to finish the evening [passion fruit seeds , meringue , ice cream , fruit sauce] . I felt really guilty eating such a meal with the wife laid up !!

Honestly without a shadow of a doubt knowhere in anjuna comes close to this place and ive done them all. All hail shamba the new king of anjuna. And disease free food too😉

menu :

P1080281 P1080280 P1080279 P1080278 P1080276 P1080275


and then back to the hospital past anjuna water fountain lake to see the wife and tell her how delicious my amazing meal was . poor thing !!!


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2016 – d11 – disco valley anjuna, jamies baga, samosa shacks sunsets & street stalls

Mon 8 – day 11

Rose garden anjuna for breakfast consisted of unripened hard avocado,  and a goan favourite – uncooked porridge (oats and hot milk). Clean and nice here but you really have to question a chefs ability if they cant cook porridge:-) and white toast , toasted for 7 seconds , another goan classic!

Spent the day at disco valley shack vagator. Surprisingly clean with smell free toilets ,  mirrors and soap. Shakes teas juices…but with all the illnesses around weve given up chancing food in these shacks.  Heres their menu

P1080197 P1080198 P1080199 P1080200 P1080201 P1080202 P1080203 P1080204 P1080205 P1080206 P1080207 P1080208 P1080209 P1080210 P1080211 P1080212 P1080213

and their location at the end of little vagator beach , where out of state manual workes kids played on the volcanic rocks on the beach

P1080214 P1080217 P1080219 P1080221 P1080222 P1080223 P1080225 P1080230

disco valley live cam stream

9bar has sprung into life for a sunset sessions, westbam ‘hold me back’ is a classic and booms down to the beach from their elevated position high on the cliff. Not heard music like this from there before,  really retro circa 89-90 era belgian nu beat stuff

Mrs got a henna tattoo on the beach with the proper henna , a girl was offering 100 for a leg piece so she couldnt say no. She followed that up at asnath massage centre , still the best around at the top of little vagator cliffs . As we left the sun was setting beautifully at sunset point vagator on the cliffs ,where the car park and a row of small shops are .

P1080235 P1080236 P1080239

P1080240 P1080241 P1080242 P1080244 P1080245 P1080247 P1080248 P1080250

just further laong there is a small street food place that always has its local fans . i got some samosas and aloo buns but it was a bit much for the mrs dodgy stomach ! a huge pig was circling looking for the scraps from the food stall .


Went to shamba last night but it was too late they where closing. Just been checking the menu for tonight and its not brilliant for veggie [mushrooms and goats cheese] . Plus shes vegan anyway and hates mushrooms. Really wanted to try this place too….oh well so we went to baba au rhum instead half a mile further on, again wasnt really anything for her .


so we carried on a mile or two more and into baga to jamies . got to admit was a bit sceptical about the sausages , looked undercooked . pleased to say there where no repercussions from it tho from me . mrs got a plain pasta tho she really has no appetite . good service as usual here , and the place was packed out with brits , not a seat to be had . couldnt help thinking of the pig earlier as i chowed down on the sausages either !!

P1080263 P1080266 P1080267


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canoes on the talipona river !!


heres a 45 minute video of our adventure with 3 canoes down the talipona river


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2016 – d10 – elephant bar anjuna beach , all went a bit nuts on cocktails !

went to anjuna beach today

P1070992 P1070993

heres their menu , its in the old xtreme sports bar in the middle of anjuna beach

P1070994 P1070998 P1070997 P1070995

next door are cafe lilleput and sea horse shacks

P1070988 P1070989

got pretty leathered on cocktails today lol , strawberry margaritaP1080007

this mojito is looking pretty consumed


pina colada


long island ice tea


dont know what these where ….



sat back , enjoyed the anjuna beach entertainment , pool , music , sellers , ate some snacks till the sun fell into the ocean ….


P1080008 P1080029 P1080032 P1080042 P1080043 P1080047 P1080058 P1080179


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2016 – d9 – anjuna beach , roma italian chapora , international animal rescue .

Really hazy horizon every day so far. Only had one clear sunset which was arambol. On anjuna beach, gone to busiest part in the middle. Its all out attack of the beach sellers today … bracelet no, hard skin no,  massage no, tattoo no, bongo no, fruit no, ice cream no , manicure no, henna no, threading no, soap ear no, fridge magnets no, selfie sticks go and die …… and just when you think youve seen off the incoming attacks from most sellers on this patch along comes a dog to pi55 on the back of your sunbed haha. … the wife chasing a rottweiller is always a laugh:-)



Making a dirty place worse…. When your sitting on the beach watching a 50 something couple [who really should know better] just chucking their fags ends onto the sand. will probably pass thru untold dolphins fish and turtles over the next 25 years while it decomposes , and each butt adds 160 chemicals to our waters incl arsenic , lead and formaldehyde …  Dirty bstrds . However its good to see goa tourism employing teams of girls to pick up tourists rubbish off the beaches. God they dont half work hard in that heat too. I bet they earn no more than 100r a day. Said thanks to them for their hard work while we sat at elephant bar .


Another team that works hard is “international animal rescue” who devote their time to care for the street animals in goa to . always a worthwhile donation . you can do this from your home to the charity , you dont have to be in goa . this one wears its IAR tag .



Evenung meal did roma chapora again .Im so over being sick in goa and have given up eating curries or in local shacks with filthy hygeine . its veg ,  dont eat and stay hungry ,  or double safe places only now . So returned to Roma [opposite sakana] …  plain pizza for the sick wife whos still so ill , and pork chops and rosemary potatoes for me ….  like a true brit lol , chops chops chops ! didnt really rate them , it was mostly bone and fat. 400 for chops and salad , plus potatoes extra. just isnt right not having indian .



P1070980 P1070986

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2016 – d8 – little vagator, chapora fort sunset point, lucky shack, oltre marino, burger factory

Hung out down oltre marino little vagator. A couple of people from belgium had to ask at least 5 diff waiters for ‘grilled vegetables’ from their menu , it went on for over 20 minutes !  ‘Plate of grilled veg , nothing else’ was repeated several times to each waiter when they where asked for their order. It was a comedy act , each one apparently leaving with the order to send a new waiter out to ask another 10 times , all of us where in stitches on the beach . Some of the waiters are absolutely thick as 2 short planks, they ruin places repuations at times.

P1070786 P1070766

Another example : we ordered 2 pinneapple strawberry avocado shakes at oltre marino . Instead of saying we have dont have that one , they used pinneapple , but skipped the avocado , and added some strawberry syrup and expected everything would be ok and we wouldnt notice ! This is a premium place taking the pi55 cos the italian owners arent in today .

My mate the donut seller is doing his usual deals on ozran/little vagator beach. He struck gold just now . On his return from his beach sweep along the bay he had 12 unsold donuts. I chased him and took one , and while buying a young russian girl ran up and said she wanted 11! A salesmans dream,  he sold the lot in one go striking gold. Loved seeing his pure joy when he thought he would have 12 unsold ones . He left extremely happy ! his donuts are jam or chocolate , and so fresh . 40 or 50 i think he charges , probably makes 20r a donut or something . this is him last time didnt get  apic this year but he always carries the same tray and same type of clothes , shirt n pants .


Antares , the new shack on little vagator beach that got built closed season has some cool grooves playing , but only 2 clients in the whole place again , empty every day . the reason is prices in here … the menu has 250r blue ribband gin shots which are 6r cost in the supermarket , probably 3r wholesale . some mark up ! ive seen their facebook page and it is solely aimed at the mumbai princess crowd with their sunday buffet at 1500 a head . buffet food sucks its the easiest way to get sick eating food thats cold and has had flies on . just dont get this place . want to use this place but refuse to on principle ! i can buy that bottle of gin for 170r for 750ml . they want 250r for 30 ml !!!!  just NO


We left oltremarino for a walk , and on the way back opted for lucky shack for afternoon tea:-)

P1070921 P1070927 P1070926 P1070925

P1070928 P1070930 P1070929

After the beach we headed to Chapora fort for sunset,  god this place is a magnet for the indian tourist now. Must have been easily over a hundred people,  usually lucky if theres 5 in previous years . along with all this development and influx of domestic tourist theres the usual drinks food stalls … plus a random hat stall ? Just weird . Give em an inch theyll build a shop… With increased visitors to chapora brings more filthy littering out of state idiots … shame all these out of state tourists dump so much rubbish all over the fort and smash all their beer bottles by the hundreds , theres glass literally everywhere . Dirty bstrds

P1070931 P1070932 P1070933 P1070936 P1070937

after you have walked up the hill to get to the fort youre rewarded with fantastic views both north and south , plus inland towards mapusa and the ghats , and west towards the sunset over the arabian sea . search ‘chapora fort’ on right hand side box of this blog , youll see more entries with videos showing more details of what you can see [anjuna , vagator , morjim , ashvem , chapora river etc …

P1070943 P1070944 P1070945 P1070962 P1070964

this is where vagator friday night market is held , near thalassa vagator


and this is the new building W HOTEL , at the bottom of chapora fort . at the base of the entrance road they have built an enormous white modern structure , its huge !!!  In chapora?  seems weird , almost out of place located in what we call ‘skid row’ AKA chapora . if you hang down chapora town centre its all bikers , pot heads , travellers , etc etc , the most low budget scruffy grunge town in goa by far . i like it here for an hour or two , but its totally opposite to this modern swanky posh place . it has a large circular drive up to the roof level , and huge wooden framed roof canopy almost like a helipad , with pure white walls.  its not far from being complete and open asap .

P1070940 P1070939

The mrs is feeling really sick today , getting worse day by day , something seems wrong despite taking 6 days of meds now . so it was takeaway for one at burger factory anjuna for a burger [sorry cows!] . they do a few killer veggie ones the mrs would have loved to try again [bean corn , spinach mushroom , another one cant remember] . they make them fresh so you can have whatever in the patttie . plus loads of meat varieties for us carnivores . absolutely massive things . i had bbq beef bacon cheese . nice seeing these guys go from a tiny hole in the wall a few years back to a cool little arty joint with a fab chandelier made out of jars [see it to marvel at its effective simplicity] . the front of a push bike has been recycled into a wall light . such clean fresh tasty burgers and get my vote every time . i know this tan calf ive bonded with on little vagator will smell death on me tomorrow when i see it ! sorry cows ;-(

bf anjuna bf2 bf3


chapora fort video link :


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2016 – day 7 – arambol sunset drummers , arambol , ‘funky night’ club , goa

What a brilliant day , it went on and on into the small hours of the morning …. Arambol we where in mostly,  absolutely magic! But first we started the day in anjuna with breakfast in ‘eatopia’ , spent 305r total on beans on toast twice , scrambled egg , coffee , tea . was good too and decent service . been here several times .

Then it was up to mandrem but we only stayed for a few hours as there was a huge wedding , hosted by a mumbai princess type of mother of the bride. What a rude woman bossing and ordering people about,  it was cringeworthy:-) staff and guests where sick of her running about like sinita stress head barking orders at people .

P1070827 P1070828 P1070829 P1070831 P1070833 P1070835 P1070838 P1070840

video link

After here it was up to one of our favs , Arambol beach . Its cool to see the entertainment each evening at sunset when the beach takes on a new life to close the day , the ‘circus’ acts , the flea sellers , drummers on the beach . In excess of 25 drummers played for over 2 hours with people dancing in the circle . we didnt do the sweet lake or mudbaths today but you can see pics incl the banyan tree babas if you do a search for keywords on this blog [small search box on right of every page] . had a pink glass of tea followed by a couple of beers for sunset . a guy was setting up his mdf stage and gear for after the drummers , and a large illuminated heart was towering overhead .

P1070843 P1070844 P1070845 P1070847 P1070850




P1070851 P1070854 P1070857 P1070860 P1070861 P1070863 P1070864 P1070876 P1070888 P1070895 P1070897 P1070905

heres a gif from arambol beach

and a nice widescreen panoramic shot


Later we did our shopping along the streets , theres so many low priced street stalls selling everything traveller might need from blankets to clothes , guitars to bongs , singing bowls to dreadlocks … its all in arambol .





we ate along the way at shimon falafel , hes on the small junction of a road half way down the final beach section road bit , the one that goes downhill to the end . mean coffee and falafel . its all he does , been here years and really tasty and filling . he didnt do the ice cream shakes this year , did the oreo shakes tho .




P1070842 P1070841

and finishing the night we headed to Coco Loco for their aptly named “funky night” hosted each thursday . Between 8pm-11.30pm it was great aretha james brown and goodness from disco , soul and mostly retro funk,  and later got more obvious music wise playing wild cherry,  gloria gaynor (which sent mince levels to 10), and daft punk get lucky that made em go wild. All in all a very fun funk filled mostly retro night,  cant say enough what a good party this is . loleatta holloway and dan hartman after a few party shots always hits the spot ! Cocktails are fresh fruit and strong. Pina colada and daq 250 which was reasonable considering some club nights . Had food here too. Brilliant night out tho with all sorts of randomness and individuals on the packed dancefloor like the camp indian,  the mma dancer, the ballet man,  the mime artist,  but best of all the indian travolta was just bonkers with all the JT authentic hip moves and farrah slacks. It seemd it wasa  magnet for eccentric individuals at times , good times as chic said . One of the most fun nights in goa. Fills up about 10.30 and closes 2.30am. the dancefloor was solid , and about 100r in on the door .

P1070910 P1070913 P1070918

On the way home we got a pull from the five-0 at 2am on chapora bridge. 3 cops pulled us and most others . one cop wanted id,  then passport, bike docs … basically just wanted an excuse for cash. it was ok i had all that plus idp and visa too lol he was snookered. I carry b+w copies. He said ‘original want, no good copies’ i said usually ok every year and flatly refused to play his games. Then wanted to look in bike thru bags . Asked ‘been smoking’ i laughed said nooo meeeee???!!!  he was curious what was in a small box and the other two gathered round . i grabbed it said i cant show , made him more curious. His mate held trunchon up and demanded ‘open’. I told him it was james bond stuff ,  opened reeeeeally slowly buzzing off them  and pulled out a silver shiny metal box and said nothing at all. They both looked at it but didnt know what it was. Then i said james bond and put it away. nobody spoke for a few seconds it was weird stuff haha . All it was was a usb powerbank .  They again asked ‘no smoking’ we said not us never officer honest, we where in stitches laughing . Strange they didnt mention no helmet or no drinking . God he could of thrown us in jail for any numerous reasons but then after five mniutes they let us go to look for an easier ‘no document’ victim. You just gotta play the charade game and be cool. We gave him a thanks and british cheerio and we where on our way .

what was even stranger was our clothing . see we hadnt planned to be out so late from the club so driving home was cold at 2am on the bike ,  eek problem !!  so we had to  improvise or freeze. i was in flip flops with camoflage shorts,  and put on the wifes way too small white and flowery jacket turned inside out (to stop it looking so flowery), and a folded beach towel stuffed under it to stop the wind on my chest. The towel was hung over my shoulders but under the jacket so looked like massive shoulder pads from the 80s!!  The mrs had a big beach throw with elephants wrapped round her like a burkha on acid. It was like something out of a movie , jonny depp in vegas perhaps . We looked like ridiculous space monkeys and enough to be arrested for that alone. Woke up with a hangover and the wife said i feel like im covered in soil. Only in goa, absolute top night on a day that just kept giving. [sorry we took no pics with the cops and its probably best god knows what we looked like or state we where in]


if you want to see stacks of good pics videos drummers and people of arambol click on this link >


arambol drummers and funky night video link :


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2016 – day 6 – re source, anjuna market, elephant bar, coral blue , roma , anjuna beach

Started the day with trip to chemist for a couple of packs of pills for the mrs , shes still continually nautious , plus some electrolytes sachets . 190r total for everything . Bargain . I find the chemists excellent and knowledgeable.


By sheer chance the moment i did a quick video this happened . a ‘military allouette helicopter’ i was told on tripadvisor .


Being wednesday , its market day in anjuna . love it here lower prices than the nightmarket and not as packed . Had a good shop tho,including some tshirts , mrs gota  few tops , plus couple of pairs of the finest 150r ”fakebans” sunglasses which i go thru about 4 pairs out here lol

P1070749 P1070753 P1070770





heres a long video – a tour of anjuna market . shooting from the hip and just wandering round the stalls , kinda gives you an idea of what to expect first person point of view style

Just been in ” resource organic cafe ” in anjuna market. Ordered organic homemade coke, clearly made from recycled buffalo urine ! mrs had homemade lemonade, served warm and flat. glasses served half full and drank neither . i had a note of this place to particularly try out as it looked good online , decided against it based on the drinks . maybe another time .

P1070755 P1070756




P1070762 P1070763 P1070764

which path to take next …. beach , market , beach , market … beach !!!  with the market adjacent to the beach youre spoilt for choice ! on the end of the anjuna market video youll see me walk thru here and along the back of the beach shacks and onto the beach . there are dozens of ways to the beach this isnt the only way .


after our shopping we did the elepant bar on anjuna beach . got a strawberry smoothie loaded with that much cardamon i couldnt taste much anything afterwards . Mouth feels like i just ate a joss stick. Nice shack on the beach tho , comfy seats on the floor, a pool table, open kitchen, and a spice mad chef :-)  toilets stunk tho so didnt order any real food based on the kitchens being same as toilets and the shack staffs beds all laid out on the floor of the restaurant . if they cant lean the bog or put the beds away theres no chance of bleach being used here , but ok for drinks and service . after shore bar going there isnt a single place on anjuna beach i trust as being clean and ive tried most of them . Beach is packed in the busiest day part and on a wednesday [market day] . really youthful people all in carefree party mode. Good vibes. Janet and johns shack vs cafe lilleput are having a battle of the soundsystems.

P1070775 P1070778 P1070779 P1070780 P1070786 P1070787 P1070790 P1070791 P1070795 P1070803

usual mini circus sessions live from the beach !

this is a video live from elephant bar at sunset

Hope the following live stream videos i did set the feel of the moment

Wednesday, market day, elephant bar, anjuna beach live

Live video of sunset from anjuna goa


for dinner we ate at roma italian in vagator , really nice here and packed out for the last two seasons now its expanded . something normal ish cos the mrs is still sick . at least she is trying food again . things improving , slightly ?


heres the menu for coral blue , open 24-7 no anjuna main road and has HD . will put late night sports programmes [ie football!] on for you any time day or night .






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2016 – day 5 – golden eye, marbela beach, beach st ashvem,

we went to ashvem today, about 25/30 mins from anjuna on the bike. Decided to try golden eye shack. Some brits say its their fav up here so wanting to play it safe after being sick we visited. Just didnt get it ! Breakfast was porridge and beans on toast , easy enough ? Toast wasnt toasted so had to go back. Went to eat porridge and it was hot milk and uncooked oats floating so it went back too. Toasted bread came back with cold beans. Give up. Then Porridge returned raw and still uncooked. Told him bring to boil then cook low for at least 5 mins till yellow oats open and go white. Came out for third time still the same. Sent back again. Waiter came out 4th time and said “sorry i cancelled for you cos we cant make porridge” haha . WTF??  Fail.

  P1070695 P1070696 P1070697 P1070698

Wifi didnt work on beach. Coffee was cheap and nasty. Sunbed was broken. When clearing the tea and coffee the waiter spilt a jug of milk over the table and our throw. Apart from all that its over priced. If they cant make toast or porridge,  the basics,  what hope for cooking meat or shellfish ? Bullet dodged hygene rating zero.  As we paid bill [only for tea/coffee] , the other waiter came running back out with more uncooked porridge saying “sir more for you” ? I said you said ‘you cancelled our order so we have paid and are leaving’ . He said “no try its good”. I said ‘you eat it then , but you might want it cooking first’ ! Golden eye should be called brown eye. heres their menu for what its worth …

     P1070681 P1070682 P1070683 P1070684 P1070685 P1070686 P1070687 P1070688 P1070689 P1070690 P1070691 P1070692 P1070693

Went to ‘marbella beach’ next door instead, much more us [we thought] . Cool loungey house grooves, white furniture,  we like it here… yeh very smart been here several times in past seasons. They have seats for well over 250 people inside but today absolutely ZERO people in whatsoever . it isnt cheap here at all but you get what you pay for and its very clean with good cocktails n pizza along with djs or live drummers early evening . Along the front they have 15 large cabanas,  only one was occupied. inside they have stacks of white couches , solid wood furniture , its all modern and designery . They needed some business cos it was empty so we took the plunge . We took a cabana and the waiter and manager came over with the security guard and manager challengingly barked “minimum spend 6000 per cabana”. i showed him every shack on the beach has many people in it … except marbella, weve come to spend around 2000 today probably on lunch drinks cocktails etc , is that ok ? He said no ! I laughed and explained to him you have 15 cabanas and only 1 is occupied and another 250 seats with nobody in . he said sir we have 13 cabanas !!! LMAO missing the point . with that attitude marbela wont be in business next year turning away the only business he had . We left him and his staff to his 2 patrons , 13 cabanas , and 248 empty seats . Fail .



getting nowhere fast so went to one of our regular few ashvem haunts further along the coast. Was busier this year with about 20 people ,  american, russian, several french, couple of brits, few travellers….   Perfect. Pool is mint, immaculate toilets, jazz music next to the pool, waiters in white naval style uniform,  fab service, food n drinks…. Classy stuff,  just perfection.

   P1070705 P1070715 P1070700 P1070702 P1070703 P1070713 P1070714 P1070730 P1070731 P1070741 P1070742 P1070744 P1070746



There is one reoccurring theme in goa… Waters,  chronicle. Sunset ashram, bardo, antares, marbela beach, teso … These places they look great and are really stylish, but they are so over priced absolutely nobody goes there except for the odd party special event night. Look at their facebooks, cool pics zero people. Then they close.  I mean 250r for a shot of local blue ribband gin in antares ? ok so break it down ,  on a 750ml bottle that costs 170r it works out at 6r a  30ml shot bought in a local supermarket at retail price, probably 3r a shot wholsale price. then marked up to 250 a shot ?? All these places are empty and doomed. Bardo closed, waters up for sale, sunset ashram was run into the ground last year…. When will they learn? People will pay more,  me incl,  but you cant take them for absolute gullible mugs. Good luck guys :-)  so my couple of thousand today went on 3 water,  2 teas,  a few fresh shakes and lassi at 130 – 150 each,  2 mains about 300 each , couple of rounds of cocktails strawberry daquiri and pina coladas ,  10% service that was deserved…. Pool incl…. lovely . better still 2000 that didnt end up in marbela where i visit each year , or golden eye . just cant get the staff half the time . incidently marbela was empty last time i went to eat – but we left as they where half asleep on the couches and not a single customer , and previous time again they messed up our pizza order, argued about it, and forgot to charge us for some drinks we later realised . These jokers are costing the owner a shed loads of money , i suppose someone will forgive them .

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong” – Gandhi


This evening we needed a place to watch the match at 2am-3am. Coral blue on anjuna main rd opens 24-7 and we found has hd and is happy to put anything on the tv for you. Do a great pot of coffee and tea too. Shame about the result but awesome vardy goal i enjoyed.

check out this timelapse sunset over ashvem

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