goa 2015: D36 – epic road trip : anjuna, goa 2 badami, karnataka via ghats mountains & kfc LOL

epic road trip : anjuna, goa > badami, karnataka via ghats mountains

this is gonna be some big ass ride , google said 6.45 hours solid in a car , but on a moped i knew it would be longer with stopping and videos etc lol . lets do this …

anjuna - badami

after travelling almost out of goa i needed a break so stopped off at the cafe near dudhsagar waterfalls , its called dudhsagar spa . lovely landscaped area with ducks roming round etc








you see some great signs along the way


and then you enter the ghats , i wont put too many pics up , best watch the video . some of the views from the moutain tops are incredible . its hard trying to video and drive one handed up the mountains death roads with kamikazee truckers and monkeys everywhere lol






and up the top you leave the state of goa and enter karnataka . the checkpoint was unmanned today



once down the other side the first main town was about 30klm onwards called gharli [i think!] . even just this far people where looking at you quizzically [is that a word?] . 9 hours later it was to be a fascinated stare . i stopped for some streetfood and water , a guy dragged me into his time warped shop and sat me down . i took whatever he offered , potato and chilly fried things mostly . delish . at this point a toll road starts , but bikes dont pay . in the centre of town looked like some sort of victorious monument . and a steam roller . check out the video for an insight .









all along the route NH34 – NH4 [road of death for about 10 miles] – NH218 – there where so many htings to see , it was forever stop start . this was goiong to take much longer than said on google maps !

along with the scary NH4 road of death for 10 miles , i had to endure 10 security guards all legging me with truncheons for parking in a ‘no parking zone’ outside KFC hubli for 5 mins , they wanted 7500 Rps charge hahaahaa . i thought he asked for 75p first and i was about to pay and he said no £75 ?!! told em to F off so it was gloves off at that point ! ended up in a battle with 10 vs 1 tooled up security guards chasing me round a mall and down the road , and eventually legged the last pussy with his own truncheon all the way back to his hut where i lashed his bat at him while he squeeled like a piglet . proper going off . i mean he didnt even have any teeth the last one haha , fuck off gums ! worse was after id eaten my kentucky i realised theyd stolen my helmet so had to go back and do it all again battling in their hut with them 30 mins later . i left 1 on the floor and grabbed my helmet while the 2nd just froze , and before the rest came running with their bats again i was gone with the sound of walkie talkies in meltdown . mental half hour . funny now but also pretty crazy on reflection . welcome to hubli . i knew it would be last chance of some meat for a few days and boy i had to work hard for that chicken i tell you 😉

kfc hubli

1 mile down the road i filled up with petrol and ended up rowing with another guy trying the old petrol scam . wrong timing mate …. seen it 50 times over from mexico to thailand – you pay for the previous customers fuel too cos they dont zero the meter . honestly i couldnt wait to leave hubli , plus it was a real shit hole . thankfully that was the only trouble for the rest of the trip apart from a flat tyre in badami 3 days later .



after the NH4 link and hubli it was all pretty much farm roads from here , really nice drive . infact prior to hubli and NH4 it was good too . i seemed to criss cross the railway every 20 minutes , and at times the roads where taken over by farmers who dry their crops on the hot black tarmac . makes sense i guess … but dangerous at times on 2 wheels driving over grain .







passed graveyards , mules , bison , smiling faces , mines , millions upon millions of sunflowers , huge rocks aka a mountain i guess with wind turbines , such a great experience .




surface mine




one of the fields had lots of dead sunflowers , the rest where living



and eventually about 8.45 hours later arrived in badami . phew epic journey . i grabbed some food , watched a bit of tv , and went to bed shattered from the drive . its probably like driving from liverpool to paris on a moped haha !!! and look at this , one of the best hotels in badami , most other people here i kid you not shit in the gutter and heres me with 3 taps on the wall , a toilet … and a pepsi tarpaulin advert on the back window .. i felt like royalty 😉



heres the rest of the journey on video
gharli – hubli – badami

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4 Responses to goa 2015: D36 – epic road trip : anjuna, goa 2 badami, karnataka via ghats mountains & kfc LOL

  1. Man, that’s interesting one!
    The guards got some lesson for their life! 🙂

  2. nd_marshall says:

    You’ll be known as Rambo from this point on Rob.

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