goa 2015: D35 – riders club goa quad bikes, anjuna goats, splat paintball, anjuna beach

cant beat a session with the anjuna goats , but my god they stink soooo bad ! literally you can smell them from at least 50m away – a wall of hum just hits you haha . love the goats tho , always very entertaining climbin all over walls , your moped , just really fun random moments . they demolished a box of cat biscuits one time that id just bought. bonkers 😉 watch video :

this is the middle of anjuna beach in goa , nothing in particular, just soaking up the flavours of a quieter part of the beach . anjuna beach can be a massive party beach a lot of the time . love anjuna . watch video :

after here went to nocte chapora for food , where they serve authentic nocte tribal food from east india [arunachal pradesh] . i notice it seems to have closed now in late 2015 , always good for some authentic unique home cooking .


later i went quad biking at sunset . top laugh !! also i shot two amazing on-board videos i made with the guys taking the quads for some donuts and all sorts of crazy burn outs and general quad action … but i lost them ….. ARGHHH must have deleted by accident . promised id make a cool video for the owners but files have gone . ive done quad bikes before in central goa , but this is by far the best quad bike track in goa by a million miles . its up and round a massive gravel hill behind anjuna police station . they have good new bikes , all the protection , and a massive track to enjoy [the other quad track was tiny , but not this one] . if you like this sort of thing its a cracking blast and really low priced too . a must do 😉







heres the track on a moped while waiting for the guys to arrive from their break time . shame some of the music got stripped from youtubes amazing copyright filter

they have tons of things like this hidden away up here off the ccb strip , another thing is paintball at ‘splat’ in anjuna .




everythings hidden away in goa , little houses and unexpected things around every corner .




check out my “pint of tea” i got served that night haha . only in goa 😉



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2 Responses to goa 2015: D35 – riders club goa quad bikes, anjuna goats, splat paintball, anjuna beach

  1. Lily says:

    Ummm… Best travel blog ever!
    I’ve written down many of these tips !
    While you weren’t there NYE, curious if you would say palolem would be more fun than vagator. I will be in vagator the few days before and NYE will be my last day. Thinking of travelling to palolem for the last day. Thoughts?
    Also! It’s booked up everywhere I can find NYE. Do you think I could just go there and find something- or booking is a
    Must do for NYE ?

    • tharobster says:

      Hi thanks for your comments! both would be good on Nye but there would be way more choice in vagator/anjuna. Personally all the hassle of traveling down just for one night with no accom id stay put and enjoy your last days up north. Once youre there all the hundreds of huts and guest houses you see that aren’t on the net just walk in and book. It will be v v v busy in that time pre Nye as sunburn is on for 4 days , so book your whole stay if you can in advance? Good luck 🎅

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