shamba restaurant , anjuna – best fine dining food in anjuna !

Shamba in anjuna is somewhere ive really been waiting to try out. They dont do that much vegan aimed dishes so while we have a man down [ok woman with typhoid] , i thought id visit here and get my fix . Great service, cool music, interesting menu and premium pricing. It was pork 3 ways but with mash [as opposed the butterbean puree]. 600r was the price, with 100 for the kingfisher ultra.

Bread complimentary was served, good start fresh butter and true home baked bread which you can tell a mile away from the texture of it.

Pork was delish and melted in my mouth and the crackling was ultra crispy . The stuffed croquette was excellent too.   Its fine dining style so if you are coming to fill your greedy boots with a man mountain of chips it isnt going to happen , but the portions where perfect for me . The chef and head waiter both came to check everything was good. 

Went for the passion fruit pavlova and ice cream to finish the evening , it was meringue pieces with chunks of orange and ice cream with small  black crisp pieces which was probably something exotic like passion fruit seeds or something ! the only thing i would have done differently is an little extra blob of vanilla ice cream .

Honestly without a shadow of a doubt nowhere in anjuna comes close to this place and ive pretty much done them all.  It would be hard to beat it in Goa . All hail shamba the new king of anjuna , and a hygiene rating of 10  .

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4 Responses to shamba restaurant , anjuna – best fine dining food in anjuna !

  1. rahulshah says:

    hahaha I feel like an amateur now giving you all the old tips to places you’ve been ages ago! 😛

  2. rahulshah says:

    My Friend 😛 Sorry I keep bothering you, but make sure you don’t miss Eva Cafe in Anjuna (Previously OM Made Cafe) It’s located next to UV Bar 🙂

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