2016 – d11 – disco valley anjuna, jamies baga, samosa shacks sunsets & street stalls

Mon 8 – day 11

Rose garden anjuna for breakfast consisted of unripened hard avocado,  and a goan favourite – uncooked porridge (oats and hot milk). Clean and nice here but you really have to question a chefs ability if they cant cook porridge 🙂 and white toast , toasted for 7 seconds , another goan classic!

Spent the day at disco valley shack vagator. Surprisingly clean with smell free toilets ,  mirrors and soap. Shakes teas juices…but with all the illnesses around weve given up chancing food in these shacks.  Heres their menu

P1080197 P1080198 P1080199 P1080200 P1080201 P1080202 P1080203 P1080204 P1080205 P1080206 P1080207 P1080208 P1080209 P1080210 P1080211 P1080212 P1080213

and their location at the end of little vagator beach , where out of state manual workes kids played on the volcanic rocks on the beach

P1080214 P1080217 P1080219 P1080221 P1080222 P1080223 P1080225 P1080230

disco valley live cam stream

9bar has sprung into life for a sunset sessions, westbam ‘hold me back’ is a classic and booms down to the beach from their elevated position high on the cliff. Not heard music like this from there before,  really retro circa 89-90 era belgian nu beat stuff

Mrs got a henna tattoo on the beach with the proper henna , a girl was offering 100 for a leg piece so she couldnt say no. She followed that up at asnath massage centre , still the best around at the top of little vagator cliffs . As we left the sun was setting beautifully at sunset point vagator on the cliffs ,where the car park and a row of small shops are .

P1080235 P1080236 P1080239

P1080240 P1080241 P1080242 P1080244 P1080245 P1080247 P1080248 P1080250

just further laong there is a small street food place that always has its local fans . i got some samosas and aloo buns but it was a bit much for the mrs dodgy stomach ! a huge pig was circling looking for the scraps from the food stall .


Went to shamba last night but it was too late they where closing. Just been checking the menu for tonight and its not brilliant for veggie [mushrooms and goats cheese] . Plus shes vegan anyway and hates mushrooms. Really wanted to try this place too….oh well so we went to baba au rhum instead half a mile further on, again wasnt really anything for her .


so we carried on a mile or two more and into baga to jamies . got to admit was a bit sceptical about the sausages , looked undercooked . pleased to say there where no repercussions from it tho from me . mrs got a plain pasta tho she really has no appetite . good service as usual here , and the place was packed out with brits , not a seat to be had . couldnt help thinking of the pig earlier as i chowed down on the sausages either !!

P1080263 P1080266 P1080267


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4 Responses to 2016 – d11 – disco valley anjuna, jamies baga, samosa shacks sunsets & street stalls

  1. maanit says:

    This is very informative. Thank you so much!
    Did you spend time in Goa till the month of May? I am visiting in first week of May. Being an offseason just curious if there is any scope of nightlife during that time?

    Sorry, your posts are quite random so couldn’t figure out.

    • tharobster says:

      there will be some things definitely , but end of season it will be getting quiet and thus on a smaller scale . and v sticky hot ! maybe leopard valley for house music in south , but more likely a few trance parties in the north might be possible around chapora vagator anjuna . ive only been latest mid april . a lot of the trance heads and travellers head for north india way that time . but im sure there will be things still but with more predominantly indian clientele with odd westerners too just before monsoons hit . plus on anjuna beach curlies guru uv and shiva etc will operate on anjuna beach as they are permanent for trance , and lilleput for more mainstream clubbing along with nyex for edm type stuff – all those are anjuna . baga is the commercial area and titos lane is the place to go …and nearby there is club cubana . best things is nearer the time check out ‘whats up goa’ and their event calendar . . my blog covers several visits over stages of 14 days or 50 days [and blog posts] at a time for example . hope it helps , but in short YES there will be nitelife , go is popular in monsoon season with domestic tourists now

  2. Rose Rj says:

    Thank you very much for share so good post, lovely! disco valley anjuna, jamies baga, samosa shacks sunsets & street stalls

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