2016 – day2 – anjuna beach , five five , dum biryani , illness and filth

another simple day on anjuna beach while we ease into things . Much hotter today on the beach,  weather on tv said it was several degrees hotter than seasonal usual.  walked the length checking out places and right to the south and onto the volcanic rocks and pools with lots of crabs and small striped black and white fish





video stream live from anjuna beach that i broadcast


five five shack for the day , i think the mrs was infected off typhoid off one of these dishes , probs the disgusting green slimey one … Lunch massala papads soups dal. Was lousy first time so sent it back and it returned much better. First soup was veg in dishwater and aloo palak was absolutely awful – offending dish ? pure green slop … just awful.


P1070577 P1070578

asked to remake and came back as thick sweetcorn soup properly done not just veg in hot water , and exchange of the nasty aloo for a decent dal. damage done already me thinks , a month later as i write this she is still unwell . careful out there in the wrong food joints .

P1070579 P1070580

Got an indian throw which was 300 and double sized. Had cheaper designs for 200. great for chucking on the flea ridden sunbeds these things .

Decided to miss the market as the match started at 11pm. So instead went to dum biryani one of our most used indians in past years, even brought some cds out for owner. Had chicken kebab (makhli??) Mrs did her veggie dal thing with spinach , made proper with wilted spinach etc unlike earlier slime. She didnt finish and she commented she wasnt feeling like eating for some reason [from earlier food , showing signs of unwell already] . Swilled it down with numerous gnt’s and kingfishers. Good prices on food and drink here. Shame i noticed a new sign outside saying halal as i left . Urghh. #wontbeback . first two days all we ate was indian , turned out to be the last times we ate indian while in goa .  nor did we revisit five five .

P1070583 P1070584 P1070585

P1070583 P1070582 P1070581 P1070580 P1070579

After here it was a mission to find the footy on sony but only hd version not sd which wasnt easy to find an hd package in anjuna and we drove round numerous places checking for hd. Eventually got one at pizza bella next to family mart supermarket.  they didnt serve booze but pizza guy said get booze from next door supermarket , so we did (cheap solution!) . we got some snacks too jsut to keep the pizza owner happy , cake n chips crap as a token gesture .

All went pete tong from here really. Match was dire,  mrs complained of feeling really ill and deteriorated rapidly ,  brownie was served as shriveled up 1 inch square and still frozen in middle OMG , a real POS effort and presented in all its glory upside down on a dirty plate. Pathetic, we where only customers … no wonder. i  could only imagine the dog muck pizza which must come out of here. Seriously anjuna has some god awful food places and shacks . still we watched the footy and that is all that mattered !

By the time the match finished we didnt go clubbing as planned as mrs was white. Took her home and she started hurling a few minutes after getting back. I was 4 hours behind her with a session of goan revenge and we took turns over or on the toilet all night and next day. hers has lasted much longer and is still going . Thats where this tale ends,  poisoned by [most likely] five five in the day …. a lot of goa is a filthy dirty place with zero hygene rating . as i say , my dose lasted a day  , hers is still with her after 25 days on various meds and anti biotics , plus 4 days in hospital on 2 drips, a huge treatment sheet for her doctors back home , and back to uk docs for more checks today as she is still sick ! grim .

medic toilet

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4 Responses to 2016 – day2 – anjuna beach , five five , dum biryani , illness and filth

  1. Jeff says:

    My wife is originally from India and always makes sure we get typhoid vaccinations in Oz before going over . Also we try to be extra careful with food and drinks but she always falls sick inspite of all our precautions . Hope your wife feels better soon .

  2. Nick M says:

    Scary stuff. We both suffered food poisoning for a couple of days, almost a right of passage over there. You want to embrace the local food but it’s such a gamble. There needs to be some kind of checks on the shacks, even a basic swab of work surfaces occasionally.

    Hope she recovers and isn’t scarred for life from the episode.

    • tharobster says:

      she ended getting typhoid in hospital for 4 days . it kinda rumbles on for the whole holiday really this one , shes still at docs now in uk after over a month unwell .

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