2016 – day 4 – oltre marino, bean me up , republik of noodles candolim, antares

after eating at trusted places we had eaten at dozens of times before and still becoming sick we really need to not be having this again . Bean me up organic restaurant then for breakfast seems logical. Mrs had a very light breakfast of home made brown bread, home made peanut butter. For me no food , just salty soda with lemon….Forced fasting gut repair drink. Feel so much better tho today. mrs still touch and go . must say the service was appalling and mrs had to have a word, such a bad impatient attitude from the waiter from start to finish. Really off putting. its a good job the foods good is all i can say !



previous visits [menus/food pics] :


Spent the day on little vagators ozran beach at the cleanest place we know lol, oltre marino. theyve put a new sign up “99 steps to heaven” , im sure i counted 106 , but its a nice tag line 😉  love it here and the foods great .

P1070587 P1070599

 Got two awesome drinks, avocado pinneapple and strawberry for the mrs (was so good), i had a pinnapple grapefruit lemon soda. 150 each and superb. Blinking starving reading their menu too. No food for about 40+ hours now. one thing i would say is keep your eye on what the chubby guy in the juice bar is doing , every year he is the same if there is a corner to be cut he will try and cut it . ie the next day we got an avocado pineapple and strawberry smoothie he only had pineapple left , so used strawberry syrup and thought we wouldnt miss the avocado . ass clown .
this is their new menu for 2016
P1070604 P1070605 P1070605-1 P1070606 P1070607 P1070608 P1070609 P1070610 P1070611 P1070612 P1070613 P1070615 P1070616 P1070617 P1070618 P1070619 P1070620
Little vagator is so quiet, hardly any beds taken and oltre marino and antares are empty (us and one other couple here thats it). At 80r for a 30ml shot of honeybee and 150r for a small heineken it seems obvious why . we watched the locals carry the booze down the cliff faces , and all sorts of local wildlife ie dogs cows and birds such as eagles , crows , pond birds , kingfishers …. and a wooden horse ?
P1070593 P1070598 P1070628
the new resort next to O.M. called Antares is lovely and this is the place that was built in 2015 that we watched each day being contructed . comprising a dj at beach level, monster sound system , and tasty decked install on 7 levels with one housing a pool plus various over priced wooden sheds to rent . Its completely empty tho, probably due to prices such as 250r for a 30ml shot of blue ribband gin that costs retail price of 170r for a whole bottle 750ml ! thats a joke! i kid you not look at the picture , for fucks sake guys !! They have a masterchef australia participant running the place whos forgotten her skills clearly or maybe shows why she didnt win – the menu we where given was a tatty ripped and stained photocopy menu and they only sell pizza ? masterchef pizza wtf ???  pizza menu doesnt even say pizza you just have to make an educated guess . What a joke. Its gonna be a while till she gets her michelin star at this rate 🙂  as i see it you charge those prices and take the piss , then expect you take the flack when you get it wrong .  also the front of the beach they didnt bother finishing , and put some old cow/dog/crow shit stained brown cloth over where the decking should have been finished . rotten . first impressions count … unfinished venue , pizza , and torn stained menus = masterchef ?? sorry no . also their massage at 1500 per hour was over priced , asnath which is on top of the cliff directly above them do the best massages and charge 700 for 1.5 hours . really need their heads testing . the only place on the beach with zero customers . boss that . i dont mind paying a bit more for cleanliness or cool and often do , but that ‘bit’ is a bit of a piss take .
P1070589 P1070590 P1070643 P1070644 P1070645 P1070646 P1070648
Cows have come to cut the grass at OM [mrs robster has nicknamed them goan lawnMOOers] . quiet in OM too mostly cos of prices and the chef has nothing to do so he is playing football with a small kid on the beach. Gone a bit hazy right now 4pm).


a video stream i broadcast live from goa


this is what happens before you can get a cold beer on the beach

tonight need something clean and reliable , seen a couple of tips for republik of noodles in candolim . thought we would give it a go , non spicy sadly cos we arent well . thought id try a watery soup , mrs some spring rolls , shared some fried rice and a bottle of water [well we are in candolim lol] . note when you get the bill it will have roughly just over an extra 25% on for service and taxes … padding out that bill goan style , the bill went from 1140 to 1477 .  cant knock it tho , clean fresh food , not overly salted or sauced up , brilliant service , practically zero fat on the food , and a nice joint to eat at too . really recommend this place , way better than kim faa , and wok n roll these days too .

P1070658-1 P1070659 P1070660 P1070661 P1070662 P1070663 P1070664 P1070665 P1070667 P1070668 P1070669 P1070670 P1070674

the only thing that knocked it down by 1 point from a 10 to a 9 was this . actually maybe it made it an 11 from a 10 , amazing !!!!

thankyou , and good night candolim  !!!!

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