2016 – d12 – typhoid / hospital, shamba restaurant anjuna fine dining – amazing ! tuk tuk

Tue 9 – day 12

Well hampi was a paid up non starter, mrs has been unwell on various pills and antibiotics for 8 days but things have really kicked off to another level , burning up on belly and head, seriously violent d&v, dehydration, fatigue and cramps. Doctor came out and immediately called a taxi … urrently in hospital on a drip with typhoid !! She hasnt eaten for 3 days and cant keep even fluid down. Her blood pressure was 83-53. So many people in anjuna are ill, literally everyone knows numerous casualties and the docs is packed out. One woman drove in with her daughter draped over the back of a bike while mrs robster was puking down the side of the docs. Take extra precautions out here its nasty.


often seen … never used . the old taxi meter !!!


I said last time im done with the filthy hygene out here , mrs really wanted to go back here whereas i was planning for cambodia or phillipines. She feels same now lying in hospital. Never have i had d&v every single time anywhere else in the world but Goa. We have a clean hotel, use alcohol gel, dont put hands in mouth, keep mouth shut in shower, shes vegan im often no meat and trying to avoid local chicken. I dont eat in shacks anymore and often go without food all afternoon, and after my day2 illness after a curry id given up eating indian food. It just isnt a holiday eating grilled corn, shakes and porridge etc anymore,  as nice as they are you get bored… enoughs enough now.. Been here 12 days and had one night out where we where both sort of ok ish. Ive only had several kingfishers and cocktails in 12 days. Pretty much zero clubbing. Goa pushes you to the limits of endurance at times 😉

tuk tuk for one back to hotel …

Onwards and upwards … so after spending 2 hours at the doctors then 7 hours in the hospital i left the wife eating her allowed 1 slice of dry toast to do some fine dining [i know,  no shame haha!]. Shamba in anjuna is somewhere ive really been waiting to try out. They dont do that much vegan aimed dishes so while we have a “man down” i thought id visit here lol. Great service,  cool music, interesting menu and premium pricing. It was pork 3 ways but with mash as opposed the butterbean puree. 600r is the price, with 100 for the kingfisher ultra.

P1080292 P1080290 P1080289 P1080286 P1080282

Complimentary bread was served, fresh butter and true home baked bread which you can tell a mile away from the texture of it. Pork was delish and melted in my mouth. Its fine dining style so if you are coming to fill your greedy boots it isnt going to happen but the portions where perfect for me. The stuffed croquette was excellent too. The chef and head waiter both came to check everything was good. Went for the passion fruit desert to finish the evening [passion fruit seeds , meringue , ice cream , fruit sauce] . I felt really guilty eating such a meal with the wife laid up !!

Honestly without a shadow of a doubt knowhere in anjuna comes close to this place and ive done them all. All hail shamba the new king of anjuna. And disease free food too 😉

menu :

P1080281 P1080280 P1080279 P1080278 P1080276 P1080275


and then back to the hospital past anjuna water fountain lake to see the wife and tell her how delicious my amazing meal was . poor thing !!!


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6 Responses to 2016 – d12 – typhoid / hospital, shamba restaurant anjuna fine dining – amazing ! tuk tuk

  1. Nick M says:

    Just got back from Goa, laid up in bed unable to make work due to Goa belly.
    Eyeing up each meal and wondering if this is the one that will write you off is not what you need on holiday.
    It’s certainly going to be a good few years before we return, maybe by then they’ll get their hygiene in order.
    Sri Lanka next for us, had 0 issues over there previously.

    • tharobster says:

      Jeez brings back memories nick. We skipped it this year but think we might have a go this year again. I ended up doing in loads of porridge and corn etc and v little meat last time. Mrs totally vegan and still gor so bad so its not failsafe. Look at tulum mate, im gonna revisit in a few months I think. What a place. Search tulum on my blog and get well soon drink water :@

  2. Ana says:

    Do get a typhus vaccine before heading to India . We always visit our Travel doctor and make sure to have all our vaccines and shots uptodate. We especially got the Typhus shot before visiting Bali m Thailand and India , nothing worse than coming down with typhoid . Hope your Mrs gets well soon. Also we try to avoid any uncooked or preprepared food and yes it pays to spend that little extra money to avoid these health scares. Wish you all the best for the rest of your holidays .

    • tharobster says:

      cheers ana, good advice. we try and eat in better places and pay a bit more , expecially avoiding things like buffets etc . she had the jab but apparently it isnt 100% fool proof , she just got unlucky . took 8 weeks to return to normal but shes ok now tho and back home thankfully . bill was only £150 for 4 days hospital in a nice private room with all the meds so it could have been much worse .

  3. Nick M says:

    I’ve just booked up for next year and was getting a bit nervy regarding the hygiene. I’ll stick this down as a must visit, along with some of the Vagator restaurants.

    • tharobster says:

      gosh , who wasnt ill this year . youll be safe as houses in shamba tho , best meal i had in goa . vagators generally better than anjuna as you say . hope time goes quick for you 😉

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