zante zakynthos 3: xigia beach, windmill, lighthouse , volimes , alykes , zakynthos town, taverna tsikoydia, after

rented a 125cc moped today , 20Euro a day . you can get a beaten 50cc for 15Euro or a 50cc , 125cc or 185cc quad for about 20/25/30Euro a day respectively. Our bike was new and mint condition and had a top box at the back which was handy for beach gear or helmet storeage. petrol was about 140Euro a litre . helmets compulsory but you can get away with no helmet in the quieter mountain and remoter backroads areas . laganas no chance theres cops everywhere there but none anywhere else .


We headed out to xigia beach which is a tiny bright blue sulphur and collagen laden bay you can swim in . or spa ! the water in this cove was the coldest by far of any beach . its a decent walk down steps and a steepish hill to the beach for 5 mins or so . theres a cafe at the top .

DSC00590 DSC00593 DSC00594

note to girls you might want to remove your jewellery before going in . platinum and white gold goes dirty coppery coloured for a couple of days and i hadnt seen that mentioned anywhere before . stunning bay , aqua blue water on blackened rock face and sand and mostly pebbly beach . definite must do .

DSC00595 DSC00608


space is a real premium here in august peak season 1pm . a daytripper boat even dropped anchor in the bay for 10 minutes with 50 bodies overboard into the water . its a great view as you leave too from the cliffs if heading further north


DSC00615 DSC00614


on the northern most tip of the island is a lighthouse and windmill ,  driving along the coastal road with some spectacular views , cliffs , twisting and turning roads , tasty stone houses , a spa , and several other small beaches mostly offering the same boat trip you get everywhere … shipwreck , blue caves , sulphur beach etc . the roads are really quiet up north even considering its peak week and riding was brilliant and kept getting better in subsequent days wich i will blog soon . if you enjoy riding zante has some of the best roads ive driven for mountain harpins with views .

DSC00620 DSC00621 DSC00624 DSC00625

then we went right up over the mountain tops to a sleepy , almost deserted town called volimes . as we crossed the mountains we drove thru the cold clouds as we hit the peak . they cooled you down nicely and it was badly needed at 37* in the shade .


its really unpoiled up in volimes with its tiny streets complete with a few stall sellers with olive oil and honey etc . we stopped for lunch , greek salad , gyro , courgettes,  aubergines , bread . very local and authentic with a warm welcome .we sat next to some of ther organic produce like tomatos melons etc , with a view opposite of the local blanket seller .

DSC00631 DSC00632 DSC00641

DSC00634 DSC00638 DSC00633 DSC00642 DSC00643 as we left he insisted we take this . ive no idea what exactly it was – english was limited and my greek is non existent . a herb i guess . put it in the bikes box for good luck 😉 two other couples eating also got a piece each .


we did the same route home in reverse , back over the mountains passing so many random things such as abandoned cars and buildings , a ‘trip’ of goats about 50 strong mostly with bells on – an cool audible experience as we switched off the engine and they walked alongside us cutting into the mountain thru gaps in the fence . we freewheeled down the mountain for ages with the bike engine off and the brakes struggling to slow us at times lol .


arriving at alykes beach for a couple of hours , the days are so long and the sun still roasting even till 7 and 8 oclock . quite a few poeple arrive at the beaches at 6pm when its cooler .

DSC00654 DSC00652 DSC00651


total journey was about 15oklm . heres a basic route .

d3 map

while we have the bike we went into zaynthos town for the evening . we are just off the main square at the end of the port .



i had dried out lamb kleftiko , really average tourist muck , just this side of edible and cooked with no love from taverna tsikoydia . the mrs had gigantes beans which were tasteless and more oil than tomato , she sent it back it was rank . she only ordered it cos their street tout said yes we have vegan briam come in but the chef/waiter said we dont have it but we had already sat down and ordered drinks . wish we had left !!! the bread starter had tastless red puree stuff on probably derived from a tomato plant i guess . one millenium ago . we nicknamed taverna tsikoydia ‘sik taverna’ .

DSC00660 DSC00661 DSC00665 DSC00666 DSC00667 DSC00668

after this the mrs was starving and needed something quick so she got a veggie burger from after on the harbour side , and we sank some mythos into the small hours . great day ! tons more to come , check back to this blog …


DSC00673 DSC00674

yamas [cheers!]

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4 Responses to zante zakynthos 3: xigia beach, windmill, lighthouse , volimes , alykes , zakynthos town, taverna tsikoydia, after

  1. wendy dean says:

    Loving this Rob worked there for 6 months many years ago good to see its not been totally ruined by the Lagana mob. Beautiful place

    • tharobster says:

      cool, thanks. yeh laganas not really my thing, but everywhere else is really nice, better than i hoped for and largely unpoilt in a lot of places. got some good stuff to post in coming weeks… have a good weekend matey

  2. Luleelala says:

    You always now how to do it…….crack on!
    You have inspired me.

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