goa 04/14 D6: disco valley, nocte tribal food vagator, chapora pizzeria, anjuna beach


healthy breakfast of porridge teas and fresh fruit set me up for disco valley – a small rocky area at the end of vagator beach . parties must have been amazing here in the early 90’s . what a spot . its nice that the area is still known as disco valley not just the shack .




a helicopter flew overhead , im no heli expert but the 2 rotors must give it some awesome lift


did sunset down anjuna beach – here are some random moments …

later on had food at the new place open most evenings called “NOCTE” in vagator . its a small one girl run place , limited pr , but interesting food . it sells ‘north east arunachal tribal food’ . its only got 3 dishes at the moment but who needs quantity when you have quality . i tried the pork in bamboo shoots but she was literally just closing so it was only a half portion / leftovers but still got the taste . the sides are dips and a soup but cant remember what exactly but it was all nice and fresh home made cooking . she even grabbed some bread cos she had run out of local bread …. the owner couldnt be any more hospitable . offically a ‘take away’ as she is still completing her outdoor seating . give her some support people ! youll find it near to the living room hotel , same side , towards petrol stn .







after that had some drinks in chapora village . watched some local goans scam these 2 russian 20 year olds for cash claiming he had scratched his beaten 20 year old clapped out moped that was worth about 30 rps . it ended up quite nasty … as his two older 6ft russian mates came over to talk , the “victim” set his drunken topless sidekick onto them and gave them a slap . not seen that kind of thing in goa before . then they split the profits and the topless drunken ‘slapper’ lay back [literally] in the gutter . they where 100% goan indians too . you can see the scumbags reg plate is ‘GA03 J1051’ . none of the other russians seemed bothered .




after a few drinks followed it up with a pizza from chapora pizzeria – its really good and came recommended by wendy off tripadvisor goa forum . you wouldnt walk in the place unless it was tipped lol ! no it is really good tho and subsequently used it a few times , thin hand made crust and only 200R for veggie margherita . they even run some kind of locals gambling den inside it too !!! sadly it was too late to watch the chapora parrot family in the trees tonite , love them parrots . another thing i heard tonite was at anjuna main roads X-roads a guy hit an electricity pole on his bike , sounded really messy , lets hope he is ok …



ended the night in katzensuppe club for some good electronica , laughing at tonites message on the bar blackboard . rave on …


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2 Responses to goa 04/14 D6: disco valley, nocte tribal food vagator, chapora pizzeria, anjuna beach

  1. anna says:

    this is anna & nikos saying thank you for another excellent installment and for the friendliest help!!
    -got blocked from ta, i think πŸ™‚

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