goa 04/14 D7: kim faa chinese, amazing sunsets, bike crashes and deaths.

started the morning with this big fella


we hung out at five five shack today on anjuna beach .




lassi’s , pakora etc ..


here is a POV dip in the ocean at sunset with a kingfisher !

tonite was one of the two best sunsets of all the time we where here this month long vacation




newtons supermarket down candolim was packed tonite , had to go for some cream and couldnt get it anywhere else . on the way back for this evenings meal took a trip to kim faa in calangute . its a chinese as you might imagine and always gets decent reviews , and had a really nice meal .




as we where leaving on our bike a bike flew past twice the speed of everyone else , it was in top 5 bad driving ive ever seen in goa . zig zagging , wildly overtaking and not in control at all , he near knocked down a british family walking then 10m further on totally lost the bike . the bike and the 2 riders launched 15 ft in the air and went everywhere . horrible sound . they got up sort of ok , locals rushed to help and traffic stopepd and upon seeing they only had cuts and wherent actually dead or broken to pieces , some of the indians roasted them for driving the way they where on calangute-baga road . it needed to be said .



when we got back to vagator we where told yesterday about the guy who had a bike crash in anjuna yesterday , he hit an electricity pole at the main road crossroads . sadly it didnt end well as he died in hospital today . RIP . goas roads are really dangerous you have to drive slow and really pay extreme attention and be ready to stop in the blink of an eye with traffic pedestrians and wildlife everywhere . and nutters like tonite about too . madness . india is by far the worlds road death capital of the world with 10% of deaths here and millions more accidents that didnt result in death . last year 142,485 died on indias roads . by comparison 1,754 died on uk roads , and 3 died in norway . shocking .

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