2016 – day 7 – arambol sunset drummers , arambol , ‘funky night’ club , goa

What a brilliant day , it went on and on into the small hours of the morning …. Arambol we where in mostly,  absolutely magic! But first we started the day in anjuna with breakfast in ‘eatopia’ , spent 305r total on beans on toast twice , scrambled egg , coffee , tea . was good too and decent service . been here several times .

Then it was up to mandrem but we only stayed for a few hours as there was a huge wedding , hosted by a mumbai princess type of mother of the bride. What a rude woman bossing and ordering people about,  it was cringeworthy 🙂 staff and guests where sick of her running about like sinita stress head barking orders at people .

P1070827 P1070828 P1070829 P1070831 P1070833 P1070835 P1070838 P1070840

video link

After here it was up to one of our favs , Arambol beach . Its cool to see the entertainment each evening at sunset when the beach takes on a new life to close the day , the ‘circus’ acts , the flea sellers , drummers on the beach . In excess of 25 drummers played for over 2 hours with people dancing in the circle . we didnt do the sweet lake or mudbaths today but you can see pics incl the banyan tree babas if you do a search for keywords on this blog [small search box on right of every page] . had a pink glass of tea followed by a couple of beers for sunset . a guy was setting up his mdf stage and gear for after the drummers , and a large illuminated heart was towering overhead .

P1070843 P1070844 P1070845 P1070847 P1070850




P1070851 P1070854 P1070857 P1070860 P1070861 P1070863 P1070864 P1070876 P1070888 P1070895 P1070897 P1070905

heres a gif from arambol beach

and a nice widescreen panoramic shot


Later we did our shopping along the streets , theres so many low priced street stalls selling everything traveller might need from blankets to clothes , guitars to bongs , singing bowls to dreadlocks … its all in arambol .





we ate along the way at shimon falafel , hes on the small junction of a road half way down the final beach section road bit , the one that goes downhill to the end . mean coffee and falafel . its all he does , been here years and really tasty and filling . he didnt do the ice cream shakes this year , did the oreo shakes tho .




P1070842 P1070841

and finishing the night we headed to Coco Loco for their aptly named “funky night” hosted each thursday . Between 8pm-11.30pm it was great aretha james brown and goodness from disco , soul and mostly retro funk,  and later got more obvious music wise playing wild cherry,  gloria gaynor (which sent mince levels to 10), and daft punk get lucky that made em go wild. All in all a very fun funk filled mostly retro night,  cant say enough what a good party this is . loleatta holloway and dan hartman after a few party shots always hits the spot ! Cocktails are fresh fruit and strong. Pina colada and daq 250 which was reasonable considering some club nights . Had food here too. Brilliant night out tho with all sorts of randomness and individuals on the packed dancefloor like the camp indian,  the mma dancer, the ballet man,  the mime artist,  but best of all the indian travolta was just bonkers with all the JT authentic hip moves and farrah slacks. It seemd it wasa  magnet for eccentric individuals at times , good times as chic said . One of the most fun nights in goa. Fills up about 10.30 and closes 2.30am. the dancefloor was solid , and about 100r in on the door .

P1070910 P1070913 P1070918

On the way home we got a pull from the five-0 at 2am on chapora bridge. 3 cops pulled us and most others . one cop wanted id,  then passport, bike docs … basically just wanted an excuse for cash. it was ok i had all that plus idp and visa too lol he was snookered. I carry b+w copies. He said ‘original want, no good copies’ i said usually ok every year and flatly refused to play his games. Then wanted to look in bike thru bags . Asked ‘been smoking’ i laughed said nooo meeeee???!!!  he was curious what was in a small box and the other two gathered round . i grabbed it said i cant show , made him more curious. His mate held trunchon up and demanded ‘open’. I told him it was james bond stuff ,  opened reeeeeally slowly buzzing off them  and pulled out a silver shiny metal box and said nothing at all. They both looked at it but didnt know what it was. Then i said james bond and put it away. nobody spoke for a few seconds it was weird stuff haha . All it was was a usb powerbank .  They again asked ‘no smoking’ we said not us never officer honest, we where in stitches laughing . Strange they didnt mention no helmet or no drinking . God he could of thrown us in jail for any numerous reasons but then after five mniutes they let us go to look for an easier ‘no document’ victim. You just gotta play the charade game and be cool. We gave him a thanks and british cheerio and we where on our way .

what was even stranger was our clothing . see we hadnt planned to be out so late from the club so driving home was cold at 2am on the bike ,  eek problem !!  so we had to  improvise or freeze. i was in flip flops with camoflage shorts,  and put on the wifes way too small white and flowery jacket turned inside out (to stop it looking so flowery), and a folded beach towel stuffed under it to stop the wind on my chest. The towel was hung over my shoulders but under the jacket so looked like massive shoulder pads from the 80s!!  The mrs had a big beach throw with elephants wrapped round her like a burkha on acid. It was like something out of a movie , jonny depp in vegas perhaps . We looked like ridiculous space monkeys and enough to be arrested for that alone. Woke up with a hangover and the wife said i feel like im covered in soil. Only in goa, absolute top night on a day that just kept giving. [sorry we took no pics with the cops and its probably best god knows what we looked like or state we where in]


if you want to see stacks of good pics videos drummers and people of arambol click on this link >


arambol drummers and funky night video link :


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  1. Hey! How can I get in touch with you?

  2. Graeme Reid says:

    Ha ha brilliant again Rob!

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