goa 2015: D29 – redi beach party , ‘flow 2 go’ / ‘go with the flow’ disgusting hygiene practices , anjuna

was a particularly windy day on the beach today , and it started ripping sheets off the roof at hippies on anjuna beach .


a party is planned at one of my favourite adventure day trips out , redi beach in maharashtra . had some epic trips to this beach in the next state [search redi in box on right side of page for tons of info on previous visits] . they have had legendary parties here in years gone by in the old fort ! on watching the video its reminds me of how much better goan music was 25 years ago instead of the shite 145bpm psy trance they play now .


for dinner i chose takeaway lasagne from flow 2 go , been 3 or 4 times its always closed . its owned by go with the flow in baga and is their pasta takeaway joint in their old location in anjuna . it closes at 7pm weirdly , just in time with leaving the beach and wanting food . yes , very bizarre . tonight they where open however and they have 1 dish 3 ways – beef veggie or chicken lasagne . the meals are pre cooked and frozen , and the guy cant work the oven so he gives is to you half recooked !!! bloody disgusting hygiene – makes you wonder what goes on behind the scenes in go with the flow in baga really doesnt it ??? i mean the guy has 1 appliance to work , the oven . and he cant do that . took it back said its still frozen in the middle and he said i will heat it more . took it a second time and had to go back again – still frozen WTF . this guy is an idiot . i told him put it in and let it cook thoroughly before you poison someone with half cooked reheated frozen chicken . brought it out a final time and at last it was hot , as he went to put the lid on it had a dead moth on it , so he flicked it off the lid and went to put it on top of my pasta . i snatched it off him , told him he was taking the piss and took it uncovered to eat . be warned , ensure this moron really heats your food before consuming it . go with the flow shame on you if this is your standards and how you serve your food complete with moth guts .
i must point out too , in all of this not one apology was offfered , infact the opposite he started laughing ! and the only thing he said in his defecnce was ” if he cooked it properly i might have to wait” !! i said i will wait as long as it was necessary to make it edible .






heres some anjuna village snaps while i was waiting for the chimp to work and oven , note the old celtic bar [not open now]




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2 Responses to goa 2015: D29 – redi beach party , ‘flow 2 go’ / ‘go with the flow’ disgusting hygiene practices , anjuna

  1. Nick M says:

    The moth incident ……that cracked me up! I think you underestimate how tricky operating an oven can be, all those knobs and dials, temperatures to consider, timings etc.

    Spot on with the parties too, the early 90’s looked ace.

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