goa 2015: D23 – amazing sunset, lazy dog mandrem, wok n roll sinquerim pan asian rest

after yesterdays rains , its really cleared the muggy feel and haze of recent days . it was blistering hot blue skies today , so clear .




we spent the day in mandrem at lazy dog / beach street . they serve asian food .



and when the sunset came it was to die for – maybe the rain should come more often 😉





found the mayem lake ticket in our bag [see previous entry on blog]


continuing the asian theme today , we went to wok n roll in sinquerim which is one of our regular favourites , top 5 infact . got to say we where really disappointed by todays food quality service and drinks. the waiters where really unsure of the menu and could not communicate , they spoke little english at all [they arent indian boys?] , and the food and drinks where not up to much at all . meat was tough , drinks weak [glorified slush puppie not a daquiri] . plus one of the favourite quirks we used to enjoy where the complimentary appetizers [veg nuts spinach etc tray] and they no longer serve them . very underwhelmed , and we often spend £40 to £50 a meal here with drinks so it aint exactly a cheap nite out by goan standards ! there are so mnay good goan restaurants to try i can honestly say we wont be back . i mean i can have a better meal for 1000R in goa , or less !! ive since read a few other comments about similar decline .






heres a video of how it looked on mandrem beach

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