goa 2015: D20 – impressive yoga man , immaculate sunset toucher , little vagator beach goa

spent a day locally in little vagator drinking water , lime sodas , and lassi , about the only thing i can digest really . still , it takes pounds off you this ‘special’ diet ! 4 days now … i think it actually gets easier the longer you go on this zero food thing . this is oltre marine , a classy boutique resort


next to oltre marine they are building another new resort in one of the few pieces of cliff face left . an opportunist found it made a great yoga spot for the sunset .




the daily light show commenced – a toucher tonight , absolutely immaculate , even a cheer rang out at the end of the show [you can hear on the video]






later that night i treated myself to a french onion soup , just needed something in my belly . dum biryani made one up for me it was the only thing i could think to ‘eat’ kind of . mrs didnt care she was straight in for the veggie curry .




heres how the day went if you want to see yoga man doing his impressive display , and what a perfect sunset in goa is , dont get too many ‘touchers’ , there is usually a distant cloud lingering on the horizon somewhere at the last second .

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