goa 2015: D13 – indian singer shruti box gokarna karnataka, leopard valley club jungle party & dropadi palolem goa


awoke today at about 9am to the sound of an amazing voice somewhere in the distance . i thought it was the sound of someone playing a cd of indian music . the voice had such unique characteristics . as i awoke and the longer i listened it actually sounded like it was live not a cd . my ears pulled me off the bed and made me follow where the sound was coming from which appeared to be the hippie commune next door to our guest house . shades on , down the stairs and out the gate along the road , when i arrived an older barefooted woman was walking out the gate , i said ‘morning’ to which she replied in a slightly broken gravelly tone that sounded like the singer id heard , and kept on walking . i asked one of the guys staying there if it was her singing and he replied yes , she is a beggar trying to earn some money but unlike the usual beggars she is actually doing something .

i caught her up and told her she was amazing and to please wait while i went back to get her some money . the traveller hippie guy said its kind what you are doing , if you have no money give her this and gave me about 100rps out of his own pocket ! thankful and promising to give it back in a moment [he said he didnt want it] , i asked her if she could sing for me too and she sat down in the dust on the side of the road and this happened . blew my mind . out of the whole holiday [and there is some pretty amazing stuff i havent even got to on my blog yet] , i think this might be my favourite moment of them all . love this woman !!! i dont even know what the box instrument is called a Shruti Box , its a harmonium like accompanying instrument , and its simplicity is very effective . i was informed by jg-blr and glyn h on tripadvisor goa of the instruments name .

and off she went barefooted along the street


went back to the hotel and got 200r and returned to the commune and gave it to the [scandinvaian?] guy . he said youve given me far too much , i replied you did something for me , now im returning the favour . he smiled and said “thankyou it will go towards helping someone else out along my travels” … can there ever be a better start to the day than this ? we where due to leave gokarna today so packed our bags and checked out followed by breakfast in town – from kudle beach it was over the hill and into goarna town to the “shree shakti hotel” .




widescreen panoramic shot : car street , gokarna – the main street


after a 2 hour bike journey we arrived at our next hotel in between palolem and patnem called castle house , a nice place with a large sunny pool , comfy beds , fridge wifi and a/c – everything our gokarna guest house didnt have ! even had some squirrels outside our room .





that evening we ate at “dropadi” on palolem beach as the food was so nice last time .




and then onto our big night out at “leopard valley” , a huge outdoor party in an old quarry in the jungle between palolem and agonda . this place is absolutely amazing , playing deep huose and tech house all night on a massive jbl sound system with 3D visual mapping , fire dancers and bikini clad women with angle grinders . what a night of music and partying till 4am in the jungle ! visually this is by far the best club night in goa and keeping the old quarry theme its kited out with with huge stone columns topped with fire coming out of each one , and a stone dj box with a waterfall projecting out the front , and a massive capacity venue . fantastic ! this is on friday nights , and along with the saturday night “silent noise” headphones party makes south goa an amazing weekend party trip without any north goa trance music to be heard !








party on !

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8 Responses to goa 2015: D13 – indian singer shruti box gokarna karnataka, leopard valley club jungle party & dropadi palolem goa

  1. clare26a says:

    Music sounds great at leopard valley recognise some as Cocoon tracks -is it a weekly night every friday? We visit in Dec on our honeymoon, ive been looking for something to do to surprise my husband with this looks perfect:-)

    • tharobster says:

      LV is a weekly on fridays during the main 6 months of season . its house and tech house .

      if you like cocoon stuff id also recommend “soma” pop up parties [like at teso etc] , and katzensuppe in vagator . these 2 clubs are in north goa not south like LV , and both of which have the best underground tech house and electronic non commercial house . both these places have excellent music every time , and i saw a cocoon dj at a soma party at teso coincidently . however none of those have the jungle setting of leopard valley . BTW following night on saturday is silent noise silent disco party in palolem so its possible to really party for the wekend in palolem 😉

      all the best for your big day … enjoy !!!

      • clare26a says:

        Wow thanks for the suggestions. Missed silent noise previously but booked a long weekend in the South hoping to catch it whilst there. Our remaining time is in the north so will check out the other 2nights will be good to get a tech fix after the EDM overload at Sunburn:-) thanks!

      • tharobster says:

        no probs , keep an eye on whatsupgoa.com for events nearer the time , there will be lots of one off parties in places like waters and chronicle etc next to the sunburn space , along with katzensuppe which is most tech reliable . yeh sunburn will be edm overload but you can also find some good artists on at various times , plus dnb djs and some house , if yuo havent been before its an excellent production . also ‘vh1’ while not as good or big as sunburn is also running at the same time as sunburn [i know , very strange planning] , so maybe a day or two at sunburn together with a day at vh1 as they had quite a few tech djs on last year . just an idea . you can pay on the day for all the festivals same price so its poss to decide near the time when line ups announced . all good

      • clare26a says:

        Right I’m all ready for Goa now roll on December! We did 3days at Sunburn in 2013 &loved it even though not soley our type of music there was a great atmosphere, really friendly crowd & the Absolute helped get me dancing. Good call with VH1 &Sunburn combination not thought of taking 1day tickets. I’ll check out the line ups &see what looks intresting always better to wait until they’ve finished the yearly location pantomine:-) I’ll see if i can find any new places that have opened up next season &bring some tips back for you!

      • tharobster says:

        Awesome u got it sorted. Enjoy your honeymoon 🙂

  2. Nick M says:

    The singer was fantastic. Stick a chunky 4 beat behind her vocal and you could have a hit on your hands.

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