goa 2015: D6 – bollywood movie on ashvem beach , waters club , oxford store



revisited sunset ashram today and its the same dirty rotten pool, no pump , no bar , no music , gates to beach locked . and they want 200Rps for a beer in this place ! when asked why we where leaving we asked what would be the reason to stay – the dirty pool ? wobble . so we returned to la cabanas where the staff actually care about things like being open , cleaning , and having a bar lol .


took a walk further along ashvem beach




on ashvem beach they where making a bollywood movie [theyd actually been shooting a few days back in sunset ashram] . dozens of production crew , trailer homes , and camera, cut , camera , cut camera take after take . maybe someone knows the actor / movie [see video] ? most of the guys working just wanted to takes pictures with blondie who was with me , and once youve said yes to one it opens the floodgates for 20 more lol











preview trailer !

oxford store anjuna has had a facelift , same excellent range of products its the main supermarket in the area . the derelict buildings opposite are still empty . i think i read they had building flaws so have all been built but are unused .



that night we went to waters club in little vagator . love this place and have been many times , looks awesome , good house music , right people , but the one thing is their drinks are so pricey so people go elsewhere to drink and hardly any person is getting drunk let alone has a drink in their hand or on their table . groups of 6 or 8 people with no drinks cos its 400R for a shot of brandy or vodka , or 200R for a kingfisher ! as an example you can go next door and pay 35R for brandy or vodka and 70R for a beer . for a 400R vodka shot you can buy the whole 750ml or 1 litre big bottle for 160R in oxford supermarket or 31R for a beer , yet these guys want 400R for shot . thats bonkers . if they had decent prices people would come and party and stay . some of these people in baxters [bardo] , sunset ashram , teso , waters , chronicle etc should ask themselves why they have lovely places but cant ever fill them except for a one off party night if they are lucky a few times a season . rarely have any of these places been sold out or even more than half full , thats why there arent even pictures of massive events on their facebooks …. they are empty ! yet curlies for example or numerous other places can have it rammed till 7am in the morning . yet these places quite often might be lucky to have 20 people day and night .





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