goa 2015: D5 – la cabanas, palasha, baxters [bardo], sunset ashram, baba au rhum, red hut.

hung out at la cabans in ashvem . nice luxury property with a lush pool and a mixture of wooden cabins or tents to stay in .




their restaurant is at the front





their location is in ashvem between “baxters” and “sunset ashram” . both these previously superb places have lost the plot this year . firstly “bardo” is now called “baxters” [rubbish new name] and has filled in their stunning swimming pool , got rid of the indoor and outdoor clubs and luxury furniture , and is now a tatty beachfront business .

this is how it used to look 2013-2014 when it was called bardo



and this is what it looks like in 2015 now its been taken over and changed to baxters – disaster ! this is the beach front to tempt you in 😉


this is the decked area which had the lovely white rattan furniture and hanging eggs pods on it


a few meaningless empty feature areas


theyve filled in and replaced that amazing freeform pool with a pool table and next to it 2 five-a-side nets !! WTF


and finally got one of the local kids to make them a new sign . #wontbeback



“sunset ashram” is heading the same way , stunning when it opened with decking and pool and along the same lines as bardo , but we went 5 times this year and each afternoon we went the pool was rotten and place empty – the lovely pool has no pump so its cloudy dirty and uninviting . its starting to look tatty and unloved too – decking falling apart , gates to beach locked , dirty , no bar set up , no music , basically not open … fantastic place being run by lazy half arsed people .


so this evening we did “baba au rhum” in anjuna . its one of two places they have in anjuna now its moved here in 2015 . anjuna main road is a daytime snack place , the main restaurant is on the back road from anjuna orchard stores to baga / arpora in the middle of nowhere all the food that came out to tables looked fantastic . the beef burgers are the best i ate in goa , while the veggie burger was the opposite , a few dissapointing bits of grilled veg on a bun rather than a burger pattie . grilled veg on a bun is 350R which is mighty expensive considering it must cost them 20R . meat eaters will enjoy their burgers tho . music is great here , eclectic funk and leftfield grooves . only 3 small minus points to mention its a haven for big black mosquitos at sunset time , the staff are a bit miserable and we watched people say hello and barely get a response from them , and lastly they use cheap crappy processed chips . apart from that the food is superb .








after here the mrs wanted food but had kinda gone past it at this point so had a snack at “red hut” chinese . when we walked in the waitress was sat in an empty place picking her feet up on the table . YUK . without washing her hands she started to serve us ! we renamed it RED FOOT for the rest of our stay . had been looking forward to eating here too as they bill themselves as msg free/healthy/gluten free etc quality type of food , but the food we got was beyond average and the manchurian was burnt . a first and last time . every day after we went past several times a day and only ever saw one other couple in on one occassion . will be closed next year . makes you wonder why places like baxters , sunset and red hut bother opening . back to raking out your trotters then , as you where …




leave you with this video from la cabanas , showing what a great resort is with a spotless pool , and how it should be maintained and run by professionals who care .

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