goa 2015: D3 – oltre marino little vagator , felling coconut trees


little vagator is quite small and there isnt much space left on the front so they have taken most of the cliff face and converted that into boutique places . now there is virtually no cliff face left either . im sure they arent allowed to build permanent structures within 100m of a beach here in CRZ law ? rules are there to be broken in india i guess …. heres another new one being shoe horned into a space as they fell the trees with flip flops and machetes and build their over priced £70 a night wooden sheds to sleep in . im sure for £70 you can buy the shed in india !




none of them are cheap to eat or stay at , but they are clean … thalassa , waters , destination one , chronicle , waters , ozran heights , ocean bliss … oltre marino is always one of our favourite places to hang out .






this is a beach juice bar , and a picture of the lovely brushetta they serve .



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