goa 04/14 D24: oltremarino, kim faa, mac tailors comedy club, everywhere closed 11pm ;-(

oltremarino for the day on little vagator , goas got hardly any people here now , really enjoying it ! dont enjoy the baking hot april humidity walking 106 steps back up tho

watched a russian photo shoot lol




dominos pizza will deliver pretty much anywhere here , thankfully it wasnt ours i tasted it once . that was enough πŸ˜‰


give the pizza to the dogs i say


mrs robster had some henna tattoo done , the woman had zero business so gave her something to do




a guy buried his young kid up to the neck on the beach which was hilarious , then gave her boobs . certainly questionable behaviour


in this heat things melt quick , ice cream , ice , yourself


random goan design work


this evening went over Mac tailor in nizmar hotel calangute who apparently makes good clobber . got measured up , chose the fabric , got the sales patter and telling me how seimens phones goa order their stuff from him blah blah …. heres your quote its Β£240 for 2 piece suit !! lol yeh right I’ll take 5 of them mac . didnt feel like indian prices to me !!


Kim faa it was after macs comedy club , had some more good chinese food . only downside the chilly and garlic potatoes where fries , but good service and good food as usual from mr faa .




after kim faa it was a drink down baga in titos lane . with indian elections taking place everywhere was closed at 11pm , even down Titos lane when we got there , its just becoming increasingly hard to get some action at night . went to a secret little place in vagator instead and had some booze in tea pots . only in india haha . needless to say club cubana wasnt an option either 1500R per couple and closes at 10pm . they still flyer the beach every day tho looking for victims


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3 Responses to goa 04/14 D24: oltremarino, kim faa, mac tailors comedy club, everywhere closed 11pm ;-(

  1. Dan says:

    thx mate, keeping an eye on your blog. In Vagator in a couple of weeks and you have a lot of info here! Keen for some info on good venues etc. Keep it up!

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