goa 04/14 D23: little vagator/ozran beach guide, our shack, thalassa greek restaurant


spent the day at “our shack” little vagator. this was our most frequented place in dec 2012 , but it wasn’t open most of the time recently . it has now re opened but seemingly new people run it and very lazy too . never has any nights on like it used to , the glass panels gone from all the top floor balconys , indoor ‘club 21*’ is still unfinished and full of junk , staff unaccommodating none of the previous staff here or owners are here , no WiFi , sound system has gone from DJ area , won’t put umbrellas up for people in beds and toilets stink . wow its starting to really look tatty all over , yet amazingly the prices are still expensive like in the ‘old’ our shack ie 100 kingfisher 100 old monk and a lot more for branded drinks … it was ok paying that when getting a premium service but cant justify that now . the place has lost its wow factor and compared to chronicle , waters , oltremarino and terrace etc it has been left behind and its empty . shame . to top it all after we left we got chased down the beach by a guy of the till and told that cos our note had a tiny 2mm split on edge he wont take it . now i know why other female guests got chased down the beach earlier probably the same reason …. talk about making the only couple of customers they had not want to return – truly bizarre business sense . i told him his option was ill take the note back , and did . all of a sudden he was more than happy to take it the second time around when he had no other option ! hasta la vista baby .




nice to see the shiva head and turtle still gets dug out of the high tide sand





here are some most of the little vagator shacks

back up to the cliff tops and went to thalassa for evening meal , still as professional as ever , its easy to see why it reigns supreme for head count at tables each day , and unlike ‘our shack’ earlier they know how to charm customers and make them feel welcome . wanted some finger food so it was beef and veggie burgers for a change . thought we would give it a go every time previous food has been superb when we have had the greek food . got to say surprisingly the food wasnt too good . mostly cos 50% of the burger was melted cheese and the bun was a soggy oily mess . it was so disgustingly unhealthy we tried to pick the burgers off and left the rest drowning on the plate . cant knock the place as we have always have had such good food here but clearly we ordered the wrong things tonight .





apart from the massive portions and greek food being great here , the views are always excellent especially at sunset .








they had 2 dj on tonight , never noticed that before


heres thalassa menu





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