goa 04/14 D21: 67 turtles released tonite , exclusive resorts , oily anjuna beach, bike crash


cafe diogos pups really feeling the heat . arent we all . april is so hot here .



decided to hit anjuna beach and shore bar . bad move it looks nasty – heavy oil all over this section of the beach and not just on top of the sand either really deep , im sure a local place is dumping it as its only in this middle section and has got much worse than a few months ago . it was that grubby in anjuna we decided to split to little vagator instead and went to oltremarino .



one of the only bins ive ever seen out here …. PROOF ! nobody had used it tho , or it just has efficient collectors which i doubt .


you can see up to what was one of last years best places ‘our shack’ , crap this year the owners from last year dont run it anymore . round the headland is a path that leads to cliff face parties shhhh dont tell πŸ˜‰



did some surf stuff

when we left the beach we witnessed a bike crash , see quite a few this year . guy hit a cow full on , cow didnt bidge but guy and bike flew into the air , sickening . he got up tho and got his bike off the road . brown cows at dusk arent good but it was more the rider not paying attention mostly and being distracted by oxford supermarket .



headed north and went to this evenings planned turtle hatching session / dig , last two days have seen 4 of them hatch , then 2 more yesterday , and tonite they are being dug out of the nest as they had presumably become trapped by compacted sand and where unable to free themselves . got to say possibly the highlight of our trip which has taken over a dozen visits almost every day and a few days more to even find the next location prior to that . very pleased to report 67 turtles out of the 120 laid where released . a dozen of us helped get them out the nest and into the sea , it was quite a task to let it happen naturally . some eggs where dead , a few turtles dead , but a lot of good live ones . took a little while for them to come round after being dug out .














once out the nest and having come round to their senses they where placed in buckets of fresh sea water and taken to the natural pathway created to lead them naturally to the sea . the lights on nearby beaches really confused them , they kept heading to them rather than the moon . to get them into the sea was a mammoth task undertaken by a dozen of us .







as they approached the tide line the sea washed them around and we had to be careful not to stand on any . what an incredible moment . you really wouldnt think it would take that many people but it needed it , buckets , bowls , paths made to the sea , lights , spotters , info and stat recorders , diggers … took a couple of hours from start to finish . pics where mostly red but allowed us to fire one with flash . the times of india newspaper even asked if they could use my pictures in their newspaper !



after here we had been invited for a dinner party at a private place with what turned out to be famous Indian runway supermodels , actors , and photographers . its a good job we turned up with a bottle of champagne , didnt realise it was going to be this high end . the place is where some of the most famous hollywood people on the planet stay when visiting goa . what an amazing location with a full meal generously laid on with personal chefs and everything , possibly the most high end exclusive retreat in the whole of goa . in the end the table was just full of food and we tried everything incl chicken cafrael , tikka , dals etc , and all the trimmings . it was rude to take pics in that kind of company so i grabbed one and that was it really . it was one of those days where everything just clicks into place and the stars align … well for us [and the turtles] , but not the motorbike guy tho !



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2 Responses to goa 04/14 D21: 67 turtles released tonite , exclusive resorts , oily anjuna beach, bike crash

  1. nd_marshall says:

    Good on you Rob, sounds like your good deed was rewarded accordingly.

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