goa 04/14 D16: shore bar, titos lane, east meets west, cafe lilleput, anjuna beach


decided to hang out today at ‘shore bar’ anjuna . one of anjunas best shacks , clean kitchens and toilets too suprisingly . been here quite a few times and they do good food and cocktials here also . sometimes they have great arties upstairs at night and play deep house music [not many places do] . we had excellent veggie Manchurian which is mrs robsters latest daily must have . the weather in april at the end of the season is soooo humid , we have dropped plans to venture inland for a few days as its so hot on the coast i cannot imagine how stuffy it would be inland so the plans we had have been scrapped and we are just hanging on the beach . simply doing nothing at all the sweat just drips from you . a/c is a must . monsoons soon come . its that hot they brought beer in a bucket of ice …which quickly melted !


this evening just for a change we went into baga to Titos lane to have a few drinks and meet some friends . the old tom cruise cocktail bar sign was lit . we found it too commercial here , all a bit cheesy .

. P1070657

some young kids where sneeking a look thru the mesh fence at the big cricket event happening on tv .



after there did a meal at at east meets west in baga . people say the place is good , we thought it was just good but nothing amazing to rave about  . we where the only people in there in a 200 seat place in its new home on baga brigde . lovely clean restaurant and toilets and attentive service must be said .






east meets west live musician was playing to an empty venue but kept requesting ‘everybody to sing along’ , and ‘lets hear you’ and some “woo yehs” ! strange going thru the motions type performance for him i guess . we had pakora , samosa , more manchurian and chicken cafrael and tried to pretend the commodores legend lionel richie wasnt being annihilated .

headed back to anjuna and decided to hit a beach shack and chose cafe lilleput as it was having a party – it was the only place that was busy on the beach and shocking drinks …. easily the worst tasting and badly made weak cocktails we have had this holiday , should call it the ‘anjuna not arsed special’ or something . lilleput you get this years piss poor badge so wear it with pride suckers . over and out ….


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