goa 04/14 D15: tantra anjuna, ciao bella chapora, goa, india


day 15

major hangover from waters and chronicle – its amazing how fresh food , fruit , sun and swimming sorts your head right out . hangovers just pass so quick out in goa . or maybe the body just gets used to it all ? anyway went to ‘tantra shack’ in anjuna today and spent the day there sweating it out . its a cool proper backpacker hippy hangout on the beach . split level tatty old beach bunks on bamboo stilts and a daily sunset ceremony [ive put on my blog a few times if you search tantra in my search box at the top of every page] . always good to hang out here , no frills and quite a few young backpackers with ultra budget huts located behind like most shacks on anjuna front . always a good vibe here and the guys who run it are sound too . wifi isnt great but the sign sucks people in !





then had sunset drinks in moonstar anjuna which overlooks the volcanic rocks and ocean .




saw lots of random things today , a kid have a right fall , a cow steal half a coconut and get chased by a woman haha , a massive rat , a rabid dog , a monkey pulling chunks off a roof , and an owl which was v cool . for our evening meal we went to one of our very favourites in goa , Ciao Bella in chapora . owned cooked and managed by proper italians who are really nice and want you to have a great experience . hard to find , it took us several attempts in a rural village road , we always love the home cooked authentic presentation here [see past visits to here on my blog again using search box incl menu]





after last nights all night excesses we ended the night with a couple of football matches , liverpool and arsenal games , then called it a night .

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