goa 04/14 D12: anjuna market, gunpowder , girls on decks @ waters nightclub

anjuna market day wednesdays . its still fairly busy down here even at end of season , its doubly hot this time of year and you lose tons of fluids just walking round in the daytime heat with zero wind in the stalls . hot sticky humid … all that and more . got some brilliant buys [bedding spices clothes food etc] . the fresh samosa at this market are the best around . broke it up with some stints back to the beach to cool off in the breeze and the sea . ended the day with come great cocktails on the beach


had some intesting sellers today incl fake ‘beats’ headphones and speakers. the speaker was nice, sound was pretty decent and had bluetooth and smart card slots on it plus a decent build quality . certainly cheaper than the overpriced average spec real thing by a long way .


tonight wanted a relaible tasty meal so went inland off the tourist belt to one of our favs ‘gunpowder’ in assagoa . top notch indian away from the masses . think it was stuff like veggie curry , chilli ribs , east indian pork curry , cold bean salad , spicy potatoes , rice , etc … pics speak a thousand words :










the menu’s :



had 6 excellent margarita cocktails , all the food dishes , couple of beers , 3200Rps , amazing all that for £32 .



even spotless nice smelling toilets existed here

#itcanbedone !!!


after here it was back to waters in vagator to party all night . they had 3 girl dj’s on called “girls on decks” and they played really good deep house not as hard as most dj’s out there . really top night , partied with some israeli and some russian girls and left absolutely wasted after a solid night of excesses . drinks are expensive like all these new ‘designer’ places but if they build places like this then you have to expect to pay more . it was free to get it . beers are about 150-200 and cocktails 500 . good cocktails tho . the barman is a double of eden hazard the chelsea footballer !








saw an owl outside hilltop club on the way home


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7 Responses to goa 04/14 D12: anjuna market, gunpowder , girls on decks @ waters nightclub

  1. nba即時比分 says:

    Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  2. Graeme Reid says:


    Love your blog especially your trips into Maharashtra. I’ve been there a few times on a bike but worried about going too far in case I get lost!

    Like your idea of using a GPS. Can you tell me what one you use and how you downloaded India maps onto it?

    Thanks. Look forward to next instalment of your blog.



    • tharobster says:

      hi thanks for that . for the last 10 years ive used a fujitsu seimens loox n100 with igo8 as the programme all over the world .
      a new thing IN INDIA [but poss other countries also] others might find it easier using an android phone with SYGIC and the goa and MH maps loaded in via google play – this is all free and without data charge [once prog an dmaps installed on your phone] . hope that helps , safe travels 😉

  3. pearl says:

    Hi …
    Great review…
    I’m here in goa rite now wit a few frnds and am looking for a place 2 party.
    I know it’s the off season & lot of places r closed down.
    Cud u suggest somewhere me n my frnds cud hang out , 28th & 29 August?
    I’m staying in saligao but travelling isn’t a problem for us.
    Thanks for ur help.

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