goa 04/14 D10: cafe diogo, anjuna beach, rabid dogs, colourful chapora and curfews


breakfast at a regular favourite , cafe Diego , fruit porridge and fruit salads are superb in this family owned places orig from mid 80’s . pleased to see their dog who had lost its ability to use its rear legs from moped RTA can now sort of hobble again .


we spent the day on anjuna beach and had some dahls and chips with chillis …. a disgusting treat you cant say no to !



while on the beach the crows where on watch






this dog that has been frothing at the mouth for 2-3 days now really started to get aggressive today . other dogs shunned it , and it was permanently snarling and foaming . almost certainly RABIES . be carefull out there …. it got taken away the following day , we spoke to the shack owner and ‘mission rabies goa’ came down and fetched it in .

after that went for some indian at a geetesh hotel street food place , bhagi bread didn’t come as we expect but even nicer , and 2 of us ate tons of food for under 100Rps . amazing . sorry no pics we coudlnt stop eating πŸ˜‰

tonight we went to bardo in ashvem who advertised a party . went all way to ashvem but it was closed . sunset ashram is nearby so checked there but it was only the restaurant that was open . marbela beach club was empty just a few doors down . nosed at the russian club called republik but it was horrible music , like edm cheese and Swedish house mafia urghhh . cut our losses and headed back . this pre election early closing is really crap . i wouldnt mind , tourists dont even vote so why we cant be trusted to be out anywhere after the 10.30 closing curfew is beyond me . so it was back to chapora , the whole village was lit with led lights for their town festival parade , not just the main street but everywhere – even the back streets and dirt tracks etc . its was a great festival atmosphere and the temple was lit up like disneyworld . thank god some people are actually out after curfew






so we had a cheap night on “skid row” [chapora] haha ! 200R pizza in chapora , fresh made to order fruit juices from “jai ganesh” , and a bottle of honeybee from the wine store . thought we where gonna blow a shed of cash in those designer parties tonight , but no it ended up totally the opposite and amazing cocktails . chaporas dive bar main streeet stinks but its good fun for a short spell … bikers , long stays , drop outs , cheap holidaymakers , pot heads and piss heads after the cheapest prices for miles around – 35 honeybee 50 beer 200 pizza . can’t find these sort of prices in anjuna or vagator , usually 2-4 times these costs at night . sat on the streets in the filth and drunk our liquor and watched the madness unfold at the “human zoo” of chapora [TM: wendyed]


anjuna beach sunset

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4 Responses to goa 04/14 D10: cafe diogo, anjuna beach, rabid dogs, colourful chapora and curfews

  1. Rose Rj says:

    Was missing news, thank you, enjoying it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Luleelala says:

    Brilliant. Thank you.

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