clubbing and electronic / house/ tech music in goa

dec 2016 update
club nyex now fully open in anjuna north
brand new club called zero gravity open near vagator petrol pump
sunburn 3 day electronic festival happens again between xmas & nye 2016 in vagator
all other clubs as prev entry

jan 2015 update :
bardo in asshvem is now called baxters and is awful dont go
our shack in vagator has closed dont go
terrace in little vagator is now called one [not sure if they still have same music]
leopard valley in palolem has been having some awesome parties in the jungle with house music till dawn – amazing place !!
monkey valley and magic forest around anjuna for pop up parties
bora bora morjim place good deep house and tech in their shack on the beach
club nyex is a huge new 2015 super club in anjuna on north cliffs [plays edm i think]
night market arpora saturday nights still rocks with the 2 clubs on the 3rd level … follow the bass .

march – april 2014 update

katzensuppe vagator – opens 11pm , closes 6 am , deep house , tech house , indoor proper club , with downstairs courtyard and rooftop terrace . this back to basics place rocks ! sound system is acceptable while not mindblowing . music is awesome underground DJ swag . no trance 🙂




waters vagator – multi level designer club with pool . this place has an indoor club with a beast of a sound system with solid bass end . try to go on one of their ‘sunset till sunrise’ party nights where they play house or deep house . awesome vibe , stylish place . sunsets are spectacular . no trance 🙂






terrace vagator – always good house and deep house played here . fab sunset venue .

terrace vagator

chronicle – ridiculously expensive let’s be honest 700 for pasta or cocktails is a joke, but throw odd parties which can be very busy .




skybar ashvem – superb quality deep tech house and electronic goodness seems to be played all day long from a stunning location . not been at night sadly yet , but have heard some incredible tracks here even in the day and at sunset . its a bar not a club .


sunset ashram in ashvem , sandwiched in between bardo and marbela beach is an ultra designer lounge which mimmicks its rivals . when they throw a party it would be with checking out , its a great beach side venue .




sunburn festival – another thing you shouldnt forget is sunburn the 3 day / 40,000 people per day dance festival in the last week of december each year . there is also another event called vh1 which has got up and running and trying to take some of sunburns crowd , but sunburn is easily the biggest and best event !






if you go to my main page and use the search box at the top of every page , type in the event like ‘sunburn’ or ‘katzensuppe’ and youll find lots more info , video compilations , and images from these clubs … party on ….

dec 2013-jan 2014 update

“our shack” didnt have music on any day this year , nights where not doing anything most nites either , our #1 go to didnt host us once this year sadly .
“bora bora” was a beach shack with great deep house in morjim day and night
waters” and “chronicle” are 2 very stylish new lounge bars open near each other with drop dead sunset locations in little vagator , not cheap . a few ‘pop up’ club events happen here too now .
“sunset ashram” is also a stunning place in ashvem – think bardo style ultra contemporary with electronic music [further north of the ccb strip pisses all over that tacky part of goa]
terrace” near waters and chronicle has excellent deep house each day and night but service is atrocious just go for music not food lol .
teso” in siolim had some great nights on there , with djs from ‘cocoon germany’ one night , and ‘prem joshua’ live another night . quality venue and sound system .
Katzensuppe” is a 6am place that popped up in december down by living room in vagator , havent been put putting on some decent tech names in an outdoor space thats basically a piece of land with a sound system .
shore bar” anjuna was a ‘go to’ this 2013/14 , spent several days and nights in there , solid deep house every time , and free . awesome cocktails too .
sinq in sinquerim near candolim was a nice outdoor club / bar
9 bar” and “hill top” both going strong with the hard trance thing , free some nights
hippies” bar still good in day , but didnt seem to have any parties at night this year.
curlies” still rammed , a well known obvious go to place that will be open late at night every night with an indoor and an outdoor club space . next door ‘shiva valley’ still doing its tuesday party thing .
“uv bar ” still throw the odd hard trance party a couple of times a week and is quite busy .
guru” still have free live music on , and have opened a ‘bollywood’ club opposite that is indoor .
lilleput” was free and fairly busy most nights , might get any kind of dance music there depends on whos playing ie electro edm stuff .
skala” is now “kolbasa” on the siolim to chapora river road by teso , another hard trance venue , empty like last year lol
there are other odd things like “cirrus” [who do the weds pool party at “laguna”] and “primrose club” etc , and other things like “monkey valley” and “disco valley” venues .

commercial holiday pick up joints like “titos” and “cubana” still doing their thing , even same flyers and stuff as last year ie cubana ‘ladies night’ etc

ingos market saturday night bazaar” still have their two house clubs/bars that rock all night till the am on saturday nights . goes till at leat 2am . great deep house tracks . really good here for food and band music too

sunburn 2013” was an amazing 3 day event in vagator end of december , absolutely superb production and sound across all stages . supersonic vh1 was a similar but nt as big festival on at the same time in candolim and had excellent names .

see whatsupgoa calendar for daily events listings .

tech house …. deep house …. house music … progressive ….its not easy to find good stuff like this in goa , but once you get past the commercial stuff there really are a few hidden or brand new gems . after several weeks in goa from the far north to the far south of the state , here are my top places to find this kind of thing if you are into some good music experiences . these are predominately music clubs , not commercial holiday pick up joints .


IN NO ORDER [also see above info for new additions such as katzensuppe who had the best house/tech in 2013/2014]

1 – bardo – in morjim




WIDESCREEN SHOT – [click image]





this place is kind of like Ushuaïa Beach Club in ibiza [but not quite on that scale!] . starts late , ends late . opened mid dec 2012 , it is set on a luxurious 5 acre site with cabanas, party pools with submerged platforms, jacuzzis, high end massive sound system , hundreds of various white and grey rattan designer furniture like L shape couches , hanging egg pods and daybeds . totally expensive install , massive venue adjacent the beach , 200 for one beer so take dough , international dj’s , underground music . wipes the floor with everything else in goa if you want proper clubbing and contemporary modern feel . music was like space ibiza last nite . take cash , or nearest atm is 2 mins on bike from venue . we went not expecting too much but where blown away. outdoor stage had goas best sound system i heard , massive bass and open till 4am when we went to ‘krank music festival’ there . drinks are bought with coupons you buy at reception . great lights makes the sky like the northern lights ! and on nye it had acrobats in the sky hanging from huge illuminated blimps/balloons …… bardo rocks ! admission might be rarely charged depending whos on , most times its free . opened 4pm when we went until 4am . wristbands get in/outs . bigger events are outdoor staged , smaller event nites are indoors [with outdoor access] so music can blast . both are loud 😉
one slight quirk is beers are 200 , and you have to buy token books at 1000 a time [equals 5 beers] . hard to go for ‘a drink’ , more a few hours .

2 – silent noise – in palolem [silent disco headphones party]


phones light



its an open air club on neptunes point at the end of palolem beach . there is low background music in bar area , but everyone wears heaphones you get given in the club . admission is 600 incl headsets . there are 3 dj’s playing simultaneously …. hip hop/funk , tech house , or house classics . each dj is red green or blue coded , and your headphones have RGB LED lights on to show who is listening to what channel and it all corresponds with your dj . we went not expecting much and unusure of the whole idea of no real bass end and the heaphones gimmick , but is was all quite cleverly done and really worked . opens 9-4am , gets busy straight away but by 11pm its rocking ! there is no lavish decor or anything , but it a great party and youll have the only real club experience in palolem here . there is a new bar called ‘that bar’ in palolem you might catch a pre drink at , tho its a bit commercial . another club does a headphones thing in palolem too but where silent noise had several hundred , the othjer place had about 20 when we went [and left!] .

3 – our shack / 21* beach club de goa – on ozran beach , vagator , near anjuna .











it more than a ‘shack’ as such as it is a beach louge club – a big building with mirrored exterior panels , and first floor sundecks with canvas skins , and has an attached club part to it too opening jan 2013 . has designer huts to rent too . its on the end of the beach . we went several times and always thought music was best during the day/early evening as its cool house and deep stuff mostly [but with odd bits of 70’s funk or random eclectic stuff when dj wasnt on] . went back 4 or 5 times at night too and partied , and did new years eve 2012/13 here and got wasted !!!  late afternoon and sunset its techie house , and by the end of the night even some swedish house mafia type of bigger tunes and the odd dubstep trk thrown in with some minmimal electro , occassionaly silly , but no trance . there are no commercial tunes played its all club gear . its not on the scale of bardo production wise , but its one of the best places we went to for cool tunes each day with djs playing , and new years eve was ace with 15 mins of fireworks and a model show while djs played [see my blog for NYE] ! went there several times in the day on our hols as ozran beach was neat – not too busy , not too commercial , but good mixture of cool people and travellers and all diff nationalities . this place is bang on the beach . the sound is boomin all day with full dj set up and a mix of jbl , rcf and ev speakers . wanted me to dj but i was just on holiday this time so declined this time sorry mate ! opens late , nye was 5am all nighter . the guy who runs it is really into his music and is cool . a place we went to more than anywhere else each day …. all the best things are hidden away arent they … a great find ! in feb 2013 had a wicked rave on , music was tuff gear , but it was a party on the cliffs and a massive system , just 10m round the headland hidden away nice ‘illegal’ rave all nite long ! always guaranteed to have a good time . beers are 110 for millers . sometimes at realyl big nites they stick and extra 50 on spirits drinks and charge admission , most times day and nite its free tho .

4 – cafe lilleput – in anjuna



its just a rest/shack on the beach , but has decent sound from the jbl sound system and sub cabs . daytime was the only time to go for me and music can be anything from deep to techie stuff , or cafe mambo/cafe del mar grooves . at night it all gets too ‘dancey’ musicwise so was wayyyy too much for me  . but for sure during the day its cool . opens till 3-4am kind of thing or when it is empty .  a bar thats two bars along has nice system too , and sometimes is ok in day also .  good vibe at this mid point on anjuna beach in day with lots of loungers .

5 – hippies – in anjuna



just a beach type shack like lilleput , but it has a full dedicated dancefloor area thats really big and throws a free weekly 4am party . music would be cool deep house mixes etc in day and tech house all night and its open till late or empty . has a weekly party till 4am . otherwise its a bit earlier . dj’s play most nights . it has a big balcony with wide frontage  , and the sun drops bang in the middle of view  – superb . cheap too , and during day it has nice comfy padded deluxe loungers , snacks , free fast wifi … then into sunset … then into the night …  its one of those places you can easy go there and just not leave and easily get wasted haha and nobody cares cos everybody is like minded . pretty much next door to uv trance bar anjuna .

6 – bubble brunch – in anjuna


bubble brunch

a club thats actually in chapora main rd by sakana japanese restaurant [5 mins from vagator/anjuna]. it has no sign lol true underground , its opposite roma pizzeria . its all house stuff  [the owner said ‘trance is barred’ ] . didnt manage to get there but they only play quality stuff so missed that one , only found out about it the night before we left from some guy in a market , you dont see anything mentinoed or flyers anywhere . i bet this had awesome music too  … next time 🙂 admission is 500rps every night they open a few times a week . frustratingly they charge guys not girls , pure sexism . i wouldnt pay on principle to that benidorm ’89 type of idea . mixed feelings – great music shit door policy . get with the programme guys .

7 – club cirrus in anjuna area







well off the beaten track . its someones house but its been converted and is really a place where party heads go kinda ‘afterhours’ . its hidden away in the backroads of chiapora kind of area nr petrol station , next to anjuna . really hard to find . youll need to hunt this down it will not be talked of or stumbled upon . its a big converted room with dex and bar . message me if you get stuck and ill point you to them . there are no flyers or anything , its not near the beach , its a few miles inland away from tourists . its house and techno for spacemen lol . its kind of invite word of mouth sort of thing . only issue is i went 3 times over a 6 week period and ech time , even saturdays [midnight and 2am xmas week peak season] , it was totally dead zero people and the owner was asleep on wooden beds in club and no dj’s where on . good idea badly executed ultimately . plus they cant have loud music as its a normal house in a residential neighbourhood .

8 – teso – in siolim






hidden away in the back river road between siolim and chapora is this amazing new contemporary lounge / club . its got a really high quality nice sound system with big bass cabs . like most places its outdoor . got lots of cabanas and white rattan furniture . apart from bardo this might be the coolest looking place , really modern .its new in 2012 , and and expensive install . they have nice places to rent too and stay over . its not cheap , 100 beers and 500 cocktails but you get proper labelled spirits and freshly squeezed fruit , some of the best cocktails i had while in goa [daquiri and margarita are spot on] . its class for sure . music is suprisingly great , quality deep house and light techy stuff , no trance or commercial . its uber cool ! you can have food and drinks there or stay . sunset i would really recommend – its a very special sunset with the sun dropping perfectly in the chapora river mouth , absolutely gorgeous . even if you dont want to stay later for clubbing , then treat yourself to a meal and sunset hour or two . its open till people leave and closes between 1-4am most nites . mmmm

9 – soma – in ashvem





this is closely connected and next door to the amazing bardo [bang on edge of beach] , but totally seperate . not as expensive for drinks as bardo , but still more pricey than others . 150 for a beer . there are live international dj’s on al lthe time each week , and the sound was nice and tight on a good system . brand new , classy epensive designer clubbing . steve rachmad was doing an amsterdam special event there when i went .

10 – marbela beach – in morjim


mb 2 the-beach-restaurant

marbela-beach 3 -resort

this is a white ibiza style day/evening till 10pm deluxe lounge / beach club playing house and tech house . really good music . no commercial stuff . the loud dj on a elevated podium is focal point . they have a nice open bar and kitchen . all the furniture is white , it opens out onto the beach , really classy . its on the ashvem morjim link road . you turn off and go down a long red dusty gravelly track pretty much leads to beach . theres a large car park . its a gorgeous high quality hotel too , with a mix of deluxe tents and glass condos to choose from . not exactly cheap rooms , they have all the bells and whistles gadgets . classy contemporary stuff like these places are to be found around this area . music goes off cos guests stay ,but then you can try bardo or soma 1/2 mile further on !

11 – sinq – in sinquerim


sinq111 [this is an internet picture]

has just opened in dec 12 , but i didnt visit this area of goa so didnt go to the club . seem to be getting advertising right so might be woth a visit if nearby .supposed to be a decent club but no idea of music policy . you might find a few other things in c/c/b area , but obivouly want to avoid titos or mambos type of places . its a cabana & pool modern high end place .

12 – club cubana in arpora


ive mentioned it cos it is kind of a big club with a pool and plays hip hop and house on top of a hill . seemd kind of commercial edged to me from flyers [ladies free/men 1000/open bar kind of thing] . its pretty much the main proper club club and so they flyer the beaches and have cubana cars that drive round with ads on the roof . it seemed more of a pick up joint than a music place . maybe im wrong but so is their image then !



SPECIAL SECTION – trance clubs

im not into trance but its definitely worth visiting these places regardless of the music policies …. after all when in goa !!! if you like trance youll be spoiled by the following , mostly anjuna/vagator area , with some places holding 3000 people ! most places have at least 1 main party a week , some every day . when they go they keep going and rock , some till 4am or 6am …. none of this 10.30pm  rubbish ! the 3 main ones are hill top club , 9 bar , and club west end . then theres lots of smaller shack type clubs . the trance is goa trance , its hard minimal b-line stuff with fx and sci fi sounds etc , not all that cheesy fluffy euro trance like PVD etc .

‘hill top’ anjuna / vagator












massive outdoor area , biggest of the 3 main trance clubs . holds 3000 people . massive sound system rigged on scaffolding . large bar , many small food stands , free and pay nites depending on event , painted lumo trees , suspended shapes and inflatable objects . you know when it is a busy one as car park outside is rammed with thousands of bikes . really busy when iwent , great vibe and mix of nationalities . dont wear fancy clothes and white linen trousers etc , dress to p.a.r.t.y !

‘nine bar / 9 bar’ vagator


9bar [niternet picture]








9 bar is a club carved into the rock and cliff face in vagator . you even enter it thru cave tunnels with fluro day glow paintings of the evolution of man . the monkey carrying the ghetto blaster was awesome ! the club is round , big dancefloor with seats all the way round , they do food , have a reasonable priced bar , a big sound system , and a sunset terrace part with seats . its not as big as the gigantic hill top . but it still easily holds a four figure capacity , while hilltop must be 3000 capacity . it going giong once darkness falls the freaks come out !

‘uv bar’ anjuna


right in the middle of anjuna bay . have once or twice weekly trance all nighters till 6am . 500 gets you in . loud system and numerous trance dj’s

‘curlies’ anjuna , far south end of beach




just about ne of THE most famous venues in goa , especially for trance and late night parties . its a shack open during the day that throws iconic late nite trance parties , often till 6am . its kinda next to the anjuna market site , but at the very end of the bay next to shiva , its a 2 level big place and extremely well known and at times very busy . has a small indoor club part now too .

‘club westend’ – saligao





club west end – pics due in a day or two , 3 floors with 2000 capacity and a swimming pool on the roof !

‘shiva valley’anjuna [next door to curlies]




its a shack that has late nite trance parties , often till 6am . its kinda next to the anjuna market site , but at the very end of the bay next to curlies


im sure there might be other odd things that i didnt do/find , maybe in morjim / ashvem areas for example , as russians like electronic music so i think there are a few high end places opening up . try club fresh maybe ? but this guide is enough to get your evening started for now 😉

ive missed out things like tito’s and mambos in baga as theyre commercial pick up joints where girls get felt up by indians . and all the 4*/5* corporate hotels in central goa with ‘cruise ship’ clubs wont get a mention in either . its just underground stuff above , no cheese 😉

play loud party people !!!!!!!!   and comment/update this page if you find something particularly cool out there !


update 25th jan 2013 ==================================

been really getting into north goa … the further you go north the more …errr ….. cosmopolitan , it gets . such easy going in places like anjuna, vagator , arambol , morjim . people like to party up here and anything goes and often does its all very open minded … ravers , backpackers , multi nationalities , travellers , ex pats , hippies – they all come together and party .

each nite you can go till 5 or 6 somewhere , usually in anjuna or vagator , or morjim/ashvem if further north . the only downside is there is that much to do i cant keep up with blogging lol . it is so much more indy holiday makers than the package thing . doest get mentioned as often as it should on trip advisor . north of baga is where its at if you want to party , are a single travelller or want to meet different people and get away from it all and ‘all things back home’ . i know a lot of brits are on TA , but there are very few brits north of baga so perhaps its why the subect doesnt come up on here often .

if you wanna hang out on days , then arambol beach late afternoon into the sunset watch little flea market sellers set up on towels on beach by ‘full moon bar’ , sunset drummers , yoga on beach , dreadlocks everywhere , everyone smoking on the beach , do whatever you want cos everyone else does . each nite sunset will provide hours of entertainment and fun tho . it really is the old skool goa vibe here . all ages too from tots on beach to old hippies with big grey beards and sticks STILL going for it 😉

see my blog at for lots more , but i havent had time to put all on yet but there is a basic guide to clubbing here plus lots more info and images on blog .

party on !!


FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT … or an update to any music policy changes etc

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64 Responses to clubbing and electronic / house/ tech music in goa

  1. Peter says:


    really useful and nice web. I am planing to go to Goa in a few days and looking forward to some deep/tech house music. I saw you’ve mentioned some places with house music. Do you have any recommendation for a cozy place with good music, cheap accommodation and no overcrowded by stupid people? I really wants to just listen good music and dance 🙂

    thank you


    • tharobster says:

      id say vagator / anjuna area that has best places for ‘our’ type of music in north goa . then check event calendar for daily parties .
      bubble brunch , katzensuppe , waters , zero gravity and nyex all clubs worth looking at , plus maybe ‘soma’ parties if they are having any at possibly at teso is where they are quite often , would be best venues/music .
      on anjuna beach there is lilleput who sometimes have tech/deep house nights other times commercial dance , and curlies have trance parties end of anjuna beach
      sunburn / xmas / nye – will be pretty that week in most areas , especially with sunburn so dont know how long youre there for
      enjoy !!

  2. mahesh says:

    I liked your blog and info provided , am planning to visit goa on nov last week with my girl , Can you tell me which will be best night club to hangout with my girl .
    my budget is 3k.
    I heard about mambo and tito’s but reviews are bit sour . Shall I go to arjuna or Vagator .???

    • tharobster says:

      hi mate

      depends what sort of music / crowd you like !! season is just starting end of november so clubs should just be starting up

      if you like typical commercial holiday clubs with chart / edm / pop dance etc titos lane is for you . this is the busiest commercialised area . gangs of lads will be chasing girls , drinks are cheap , and chips are on every corner in titos lane lol !!

      another club a bit better would be club cubana in arpora [between baga and anjuna] , its pretty decent obvious house stuff commercial but a big club .

      arpora sat night market is also excellent with their two open air ‘clubs’ on site till the early hours .

      if you like more specialised leftfield/electronic music then definitely vagator/anjuna …. you can find house , tech house , deep house clubs there [chronicle/waters/nyex/katzensuppe/zero gravity/bubble brunch] , and psy trance places like hilltop/9bar/curlies/shiva/uv etc too . some of those clubs are hi tech and massive and make titos lane clubs look like a small shack !

      alternatively you might like palolem as leopard valley is a massive weekly jungle party in the main season , and silent noise the following night is great also .

      depends what youre looking for really … party on !

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    new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Carry on the superb work!

  4. eforcity says:

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    Your article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to keep checking for new details about once per week.
    I subscribed to your Feed too.

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