goa 04/14 D8: five five , burger factory , xtreme sports bar anjuna .

did a few anjuna beach shacks again today , just felt like having some drinks , fun , and lazing about being on holiday. completely spoilt for the second consequetive day , another amazing sunset . just WOW ! this and yesterday where the two best sunsets in goa we saw this year .


heres a full 15 minute sunset on anjuna beach with a little ceremony at the end . cringe at 12 .30 when british woman shouts boring at the indian ceremony !

went to another reliable one for food , anjuna “burger factory” . its a tuff call hanging with the cows all day then eating them later . they just know the following day . im sure they can smell it on you , or just see the guilt in your eyes .


it was a double dose of premiership footy after that back to anjuna extreme sports bar . its run by the shore bar team .

xtreme sports bar goa


outside curlies later we witnessed a Russian guy manage to crash his bike from a standing start when he accidentally stuffed the bike into someone elses … while sitting on it at zero mph he mistakenly twisted the throttle , the more he twisted the more it ran away from him , until the inevitable happened and he and the machine went sideways up the road at speed . oh dear . so dangerous these roads even when you arent actually driving . see yesterdays entries on more crashes and deaths . madness . 1 week in and weve seen multiple crashes , deaths , extortion scams … wtf is going on ?!!!

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