goa dec13-jan14 : day 26 – art or fruit , tantra anjuna , gunpowder


retracing some of our better eats and beaches , so this morning went to cafe Diego opposite orangeboom and twice as good . the mrs had her best fruit salad here – it is almost art …. black and green grapes , Apple , banana , pomegranate , papaya , strawberry , pineapple . alongside some apple and honey porridge , teas and coffees , it is really easy to eat so healthy out here and all the fruit is so fresh and delicious . of course then the pakora and beers arrive later lol !


went to spend the day on anjuna beach and “tantra shack” was where we ended up today . not being market day makes anjuna nice and quiet again , and a decent breeze coming in off the ocean to keep us cool . there has been fairly decent winds for a few days now .



think its been our favourite beach this year , certainly our most visited . a good base camp and the loud “boom boom techno music” keeps the wrong sorts away lol . i love tantra the way bang on cue at sunset they come out and do a simple little ceremony each evening . bells fire cymbols and a sea shell for a horn amongst other things .





for our evening meal i had a restaurant i wanted to try and had been on my to do list all holiday but never got round to it . its a treck out into a village and set in a portugese manor – this place has it going on , talk about saving the best till last . the best clean indian food in a nice garden setting . place was so busy we had to wait 20 mins for a table . it was full of rich indians and some ex pats . you wouldnt stumble upon it if you where a tourist that is for sure . they serve southern indian food .





the only small thing was all our food came at once [presume cos we where right at the very end of the night] . the ribs where absolutely gorgeous , a such a large portion [although 50% was fat which was easily removed] , and they are a close second place on the ribs awards next to ‘Wok n roll’ . my indian meal was southern indian kerala coconut curry and was the best ive eaten alongside ‘sher-a-punjab’ in vagator , but this place is about 10 times more professional and clean ! outstanding . just need to go back now asap and have more mmmm . cant remember what mrs robster had but it was equally as good . so wish id eaten here earlier i would have been back here several times more .





about the only blot was some pig ignorant american/french/polish bint was f’ing and blinding a political rant at really high volume all over a posh restaurant and in front of her 2 under 10 y/o children . disgusting loudmouthed drunk hope she had ring sting next day . thankfully it was 5 mins from the end of our meal or i wouldve lashed my rib bones at her . all the tables where looking at her with pure evils . the village of assagao’s location is class too , a clean and quiet off the grid location with some tasty well kept portugese manors and a few high end boutique hotels . absolutely want to revisit asap mmmm . it might be the best place ive eaten in goa …. its called gunpowder .

definitely up there with top meals in :

‘wok n roll’ sinquerim
‘sakana’ chapora
‘jamies’ baga
‘ourem 88’ palolem
‘thalassa’ vagator
‘blue planet’ agonda

‘gunpowder’ assagao

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