goa dec13-jan14 : day 21 – five five anjuna , wok n roll sinquerim , jambalaya candolim

having a bit more of a chilled one today as we have a big adventure planned for tomorrow , something a bit different πŸ˜‰

we like to try and mix it up each day , so we made “five five” shack in anjuna our base camp for a lazy day on the beach today . had really good breakfast and lunch here … juices , soups , teas and various snacks then some beers late on . its an canadian lady who seems to run the place for the indian owners . its all very chilled and the Indian music was a nice change – a real relaxed vibe . was a bit windy today like it has been for a few days , but at least it keeps the mosquitos away !




asked for nachos which you dont see in many places , but they arrived as the only dissapointment of the day and we could count the crumbs on one hand lol . we asked if they had any more nachos but they said no . to be honest they didnt even have these so we got some other things instead ! i mean a huge bag is only about 150 in the supermarket . “comes as whole” [tm goa]


stayed for sunset to have a few beers , was a hazy one tho at the last minutes as it is quite often , we have only seen one ‘toucher’ since being here .



tonite we wanted something really good and “wok n roll” in sinquerim near candolim has been one of our top 3 meals in goa so we chose to revisit . it was no different tonite and we had awesome service again , the complimentary starters of several small nibbles [coconut, nuts, chillis, roasted onion , chilli plum etc] to be placed onto spinach leaves and rolled like a pancake is truly excellent ! then we had hot spring rolls and ribs to start , veg pad thai and Indonesian tangy chicken dishes as mains . 2 wine , 2 kingfisher plus deserts totalled 1980rps + tip . excellent meal . its officially pan asian cuisine , and gets my vote . the ribs again where amazing and fall off the bone , so meaty and appreciative of the tip from whoever it was on tripadvisor to order these .








had to drive back thru candolim etc on the way home , stopped briefly at jimbalaya which was very busy . booming out the speakers was “love is in the air” and other ‘chicken in a basket’ classics – it was all a bit too loud and boom boom for me πŸ˜‰ some other place opposite just before jimbalaya had a sleepy sleepy sinatra impersonator , its a different world all this . sadly we couldnt stay as we have a long drive planned tomorrow !!!


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