goa dec13-jan14 : day 18 – quiet beaches , monkeys , marbela beach ashvem , bora bora morjim

went off driving to one of our favourite little chill places today , on the way passed lots of monkeys running over the roads , in the trees , generally messing about .



drove alongside a big river watched guys pulling in the nets


hmmm what was a 1 shack 1 person beach in 2010 , became a 3 shack and 20 person beach last year , this year its a 7 shack 100 person beach , next time i visit i dont want it to be a 20 shack 300 person beach lol !












spent such a peacefull day , no sellers , no beggars , lots of space still . really really cool natural unspoilt feel to it , north and south goa still has a lot of these places to ‘discover’ in goa , with a moped and a map you can find so many little unspoilt beaches . love it here


even a few paragliders have arrived , and the usual holiday things like a guy with a board , another with a football …





got served a big mug of tea , plus some snacks



the khazi made me laugh


100β„… Russian here , then just as we where packing up to leave one cockney guy from candolim walked along shouting any english here ! we spoke briefly for a few mins , he was a big bloke with big boots on and i think some england away shorts poss , looking a bit hot . if this is you hi πŸ˜‰ i did wonder on his story , quite a lively guy who im sure had some whacky tales to tell !

as we left the sun was just starting to set



after this we went to to ashvem beach and to a place called ‘marbela beach’ . came here last year , it was good then . they have glass walled condos or designer tents to stay in , fairly pricey by indian standards , but they have made a superb job of the place .



as well as the uber cool place and location they do a great pizza . considering the type of place it is , it was a reasonable 100 beer , 250 cosmos [but needed an extra shot in that we duly ordered] . they do add 27% surcharges to the end of the bill so that really jacks up the prices a bit more . still felt it wasnt too bad really .



the open front extends onto the beach , and they usually have dj’s on till 10pm unless a party night is on . the bonus this time is they had 2 blue men drumming with the dj at times which was entertaining . it was mostly domestic which i didnt expect [but it was the holidays] , and there where a a good few of the rich Indians there , yknow those ‘princess types from mumbai’ that talk down at staff like they are dog shit , no need !









one small thing is the price confusion . i ordered 2 cheese & tomato pizzas , one with pepperoni . cheese & tomato pizza is 350 , if you want pepperoni its 150 more making it 500 for pepperoni pizza . so when the pep pizza came it was covered in olives which i hate . i told the waiter i didnt want but to save wasting ill pick them off , and to make sure our bill was correct for later . when the bill came he charged us for pep/olive special at 650 . the guy at the till called the waiter over and started arguing with us ! i told him his olives are still on the table and not only did the waiter take the order wrong , he failed to ensure my request of getting bill correct . its the waiters fault . we paid 500 after a lengthly discussion . i felt like removing the service from the bill too after that but let it go , just . and dont forget to add 27% taxes and charges to your total πŸ˜‰


funny , as i was formatting pics and typing this ive just noticed they forgot to charge for the shots , on the house then for the agruing over the olives and getting my order wrong . cheers numptys !

as we were heading south back to anjuna / vagator we had to go thru morjim , so we decided to go to bora bora


thought it would be more than a beach shack for some reason , but they had great prices and amazing deep house tracks playing , some of the best music of our holiday . so chille dhere , again no english or anything . stayed here for a good while and dont really remember leaving . this was the only time we went here , but wanted to go back but just never got round to it . had a look for club fresh after here but couldnt find it .




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