goa dec13-jan14 : day 17 – NY day & bottles , five five , goan sizzling spice , circus beggars & sellers lol

happy new year from goa .

not only was it new years day but the market was on too , so as usual its flooded with people who want your money . a unique one i always enjoy seeing is the mini circus performance . if you arent interested fair enough , but i hate the people who watch , enjoy and take pictures etc but wont even spare 20 or 50 rps . #mingebags #so-uncool


started the day with some detox slime


followed by detox teas


got to say anjuna beach was destroyed today , domestics had all thrown so many bottles into the sea and smashed them on the rocks it was a disgrace . bottles flip flops shirts trousers cans and general rubbish . a sea of bottles .




rubbish , sexual groping , illness , filth , broken glass , pissing , spitting , no pavements bins or toilets lmao wtf – im not sure why we even come here ? its a strange lure goa . spent about an hour passing time in the sun helping to pick all the bottles up . five five and tantra both helped too . even a few other people started picking some debris up .


at one point it was like fighting a losing battle and i had to have a word . his mates gave him a clip around the ear for it .


spent day at five five anjuna . food good too , chicken soup , veg soup , massala popadoms , beers , water , fries , sweet potato fries , came to less than a fiver . crazy . finished it off with a couple of cocktails .










as usual on wednesday/market day/pool party day lol every beggar in India on anjuna beach . HERES WHAT TYPE OF SALES OR BEGS YOU GET ON THE BEACH …. bazooki man with cow , tattoo , fruit , blind with stick , lad with no legs , limping woman , dozens of bracelets , DVD , circus rope act , ear cleaner soap guys , baby women , Shiva donations , shanti shanti baba man , massage , fingered jelly balls , look at my shop , CD , name on bracelet , hand to mouth , mini Beyonce with mum on drum , fwd roll tots , and a straight forward ‘money’ beggar . then theres ice cream , sunglasses , 3d effect pictures , goa magnets , BUT where’s the donuts and samosas ? and on NYE they could sell hundreds of lanterns but nobody had any and everyone wanted to buy ours . look at these 2 cats , these are 2 of the many soap soap ear wax men . avoid – they just want to stick things in your ear and ask for 1500rps bwahhhhahaha .


“goan sizzling spice” on anjuna main road for some food , had eats here twice before withuot issues so went back for more , its actually a brand new 2013 place just opened and is spotless clean with nice toilets too . bonus ,




mrs went to “asnath” for a henna tattoo , not the best . their massages are the best tho , stick to the massage its a winner !



went to “terrace” little vagator for some drinks only [as food service in this place is so lame] . we tried to eat here 3 times previously and left each time without ordering . music is really good here deep house , as is the place , however so we thought just go for drinks play it safe . mrs asked for a drinks menu and the head barman threw menu at her from about 6 ft away WTF . she picked it up and threw it back at him ! we left for 4th time without ordering just like last time when they where all asleep when it was empty and started arguing between themselves , we have good money to spend on food and drink but they just dont want it . it aint cheap either in here , really fancies itself with prices , but service in this place is so lame . a bunch of lazy chancers .


so we went to ‘waters’ where its even more expensive … 200 for a beer and twice that for a glass of wine . we where given a warm beer and cold red wine ? jeeezzuz just cant get the staff ! refused them and left there too . decided these expensive places take the mick and give nothing back , so went and drank at a new bamboo hut thing , a cheap joint right next to ‘waters’ on the top of the little vagator steps . i dont even know the name , but the beer was ice cold and 60rps each . and we sat listening to waters music with that incredible view . perfect !



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