goa dec13-jan14 : day 16 – new years eve , zombies , fireworks and lanterns !

Mrs had a good puking session last night , hygiene is so bad this year . how on earth they ever think they’ll attract 5* tourists is beyond me ! goa at times feels like it can be an endurance test , from getting the visa to actually staying infection free , its all a test πŸ˜‰


there must be easily twice as many 6am raves / parties / events happening in anjuna vagator this nye as last nye , spoilt for choice . infact for the last 5 days it seems to have been one long day and night party locally , with rave casualties everywhere at breakfast time … some of the Indians and Russians really go hard lol ! way beyond the underpants , some do take things too far tho and partying becomes addiction , and ive seen a few Russians in very bad conditions , serious head wounds , staggering , broken arms , lying in gutters , lost …. ie take one in chapora centre that had already lay on the floor in its own vomit and piss totally ko’d for over half an hour then took at least 15 mins to make it fully upright from a 5 point ‘all fours and his chin rest position’ . it eventually got up and stumbled arms out towards several of us sitting under the temple . as it fell towards mrs robster it was within 6 inches of my raised out stretched foot about to hoof it big time [as I didn’t want to touch it] when it suddenly went fully upright and stood there emotionless about 45 seconds , vacant and slobbering , snot out its nose , filthy rotten muddy from head to toe , breathing weird , messed up pupils , making odd sounds and looking straight thru me from its glazed eyes . honestly I’ve seen a lot of casualties in my time but never have I seen anything like this . swollen feet , arm in cast , torn clothes like worzel gummidge , it then fell backwards , took out 3 mopeds , cleared everyone from their seats (2 Russian girls screamed) , and landed on the road under a cow next to the corn seller . it was that bad I can only describe ‘it’ as a living dead zombie . hope it got home safe but im sure it was a long term abuser without hope . the only thing left was its bodily fluids and both flip flops. it was gone way past recreational partying , I presume heroin and alcohol ? very messy .


there’s an unusual live thing at bean me up in vagator too for a more chilled approach .

bean me up flyer

anjuna/vagators internet has at last come back on this afternoon after being blitzed by the sun burners . everywhere has been connecting but zero bandwidth to be found . theres some amazing new places in vagator like chronicle and waters to go with the rest of the hidden gems .


so far best food in goa – wok n roll sinquerim , sher-a-punjab vagator , Jamie’s baga




worst food in goa – moon light Tibetan vagator , cafe lambretta anjuna .

today the invaders have arrived with the mh + ka plates etc lol . everywhere packed today . nye is going to be some night tonite . half of them are wasted already haha . just been out feeding some of the kittens and puppies with pet food we bought (and cows and goats with fruit/veg) . heart breaking to find some of them 4 and 5 weeks old strays without parents wandering the streets at 2 or 3am on dirt tracks dodging bikes not knowing what is going on . god help them when the fireworks happen later .


“free soul cafe” anjuna for eats , got a lentil burger and a chicken burger . these things are absolutely huge , a meal in itself ! lentil was expected but chicken was actually 6 sausage , 3 eggs , beans , pineapple , and salad on a seeded bun with a bottle of coke . the chicken burger would be better named hangover cure or an all day breakfast special , immense . still easily the best coffee we have ever had round here comes from “free soul cafe” – the french pressed coffee – you get a huge amount , its enough for 3 people !! and the bloke who owns it couldn’t be any nicer , he is proud of his place .


so the big one , anjuna nye midnight beach fireworks , Indians singing , amazing atmosphere . we took loads of sky lanterns and set them off . everyone kept coming up to us and wanted to buy them .



3 distinct areas where curlies , market , UV / hippies. etc .






one guy in trainers danced with a laser pen and a bendy light on the rocks in the ocean all night listening to a band play pink floyd cover versions lol , what an absolute legend . another guy danced round big rocket launchers then fell on top of it while it was going off it was absolute madness . the music can be heard from about 5 places , psy trance with pink floyd mixed in ! fireworks lasted ages then the bonfires started .


gets a bit tedious for the blondes tho on the beach in large groups , the indians don’t half love a group picture and hug with them . after baga groping session and witnessing others get groped walking down the road etc your always weary of their motives . mumbai and delhi must be hell for a single blonde woman , i know people who have been spat on and group groped/mauled walking down the street . they need to sort that shit right out , lets say scarlet keeling in 2009 and 2013 high profile rape case on the bus in india didnt help things at all .

happy ny , and dont forget a whale is a “biggesy mammal” , and presume they havent been to agonda as a bat is “only in the night” according to an indian snack .


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