goa dec13-jan14 : day – 13/14/15 – free soul cafe , sunburn 2013 live , nicks place , little vagator

worse was to follow about cafe lambretta today ….. AFTER THAT ABYSMAL PERFORMANCE YESTERDAY we had a good dose of food poisoning off the chicken from that amateur place , it was the only thing we ate differently all day and the Mrs didn’t get food poisoning . everything else we shared all day , except lambrettas food . didnt think it tasted great . 2 years running we have had amateur service , no food in stock , limited drink menu , wrong drinks , and now food poisoning . this place needs closing down . they don’t even have their lambretta in the restaurant anymore . the prices are not cheap either . do not eat here or believe some of their fake reviews . needless to say didnt do too much today except stay close to a toilet lol



following day things improved and it was off to sunburn for the third and final day . we had a meal at ‘goa sizzling spice’ new rest on anjuna main road [always looks clean as its just been built this year] , we had some lovely food here – spring rolls , chicken sweet corn soup , dhal was OK too . had a nice tandoor going too so will try back again . overall clean with nice service too

so sunburn , headlines where tong who followed timo maas













and mark knight ,





but there where a lot of artists on across several stages . the main stage had a massive shiva theme , one stage a digital cube theme , the drum and bass stage had 2 tanks with hearts on the guns (almost banksy) , absolute stage was pure white which is about the only thing that is white or clean in goa lol , various other areas where tuborg , bike manufacturers , Phillips sound , etc etc . each stage faced up the hill from the artists which gave impressive views for artist or crowd . one stage was on the top of vagator hill , and there where more music stages too . massive event . huge crowds where out , mostly indian , and most went for axwell ! minus one point …10pm finish … seriously ??

access was well marshalled with multiple check points and metal detectors on entry . sound was awesome , with huge bass end that really punished you yipeeeeee ! you could even do hot air baloon rides . clientele was predominantly indian and they party really hard , the axwell stage was something to witness , no way did i make it to the middle of that , it was absolutely mental ! the only -1 point would be the dislocated vip guest list for some bizarre reason was located in the living room hotel 1/2 a mile away when they had 50 box office booths and only 20 open and could have had guests at the event . weird , very very weird . thankfully we knew where that was but it was still a bit of a ball ache to do that . gotta say tho the whole event was an absolutely fantastic production and much better than I anticipated . if you love the whole dance festival thing put this on your calendar . im sure they will use this vagator location again , it just works . viva sunburn .














just hoped you remembered which bike was yours !!!!!


started the following day with breakfast at “free soul cafe” on anjuna main road . it was as good as last year thankfully . the guy who runs this could not be any more charming , just a great genuine welcoming guy . plus he serves the most amazing coffee around . a huge pot of ‘french press coffee’ that would be enough for 3 or 4 people . it is easily twice as good and strong as any other coffee around . if you are in anjuna vagator you should give this guy a try for breakfast or snacks he really tries hard . his cafe is neat too , like someones house , with books everywhere . cool



went to little vagator beach today to spend the day , it was poss our most frequented beach last year , but after a few brief visits we haven’t bonded with it this year . today the whole beach was full of smelly rotten seaweed , and it really stunk . nobody was on the beds so i guess everyone thought the same . after 15 mins we had to leave . the shack guy asked why , we just said the beach stinks , he said yeh it is a problem . there where only 3 shacks on this spot last year , now there are 5 plus the new ‘waters’ on the cliff steps and more further along too like chronicle , its getting busier this beach . as a consequence the beach now has a lot more beds . vagator is fast becoming a really hip place , almost upmarket in price and new venues and they need to keep on top of the seaweed issue . maybe it is daily issue , maybe it was a particularly weird tide ? but it was a nasty warm rotten minging smell haha .





left there , hiked back up the cliffs and went to anjuna instead passing the bomb site of the last 3 days sunburn festival . the lights have been turned off , smoke machines died , mopeds left town and the ferris wheel is being stripped back to a series of metal poles . vagator grounds have been transformed to a wasteland of rubbish and newspaper , and plastic scavengers . its a scene of almost devastation of which I’m sure licence will dictate its cleaned back up over the next few days .


anjuna and vagator have settled back down to how it was before the army of mopeds and 40.000 sunburn party heads hit town . great fun for a few days , great parties and atmosphere , but nice to have to have a chilled moment again before it all starts again tomorrow for new years eve lol .

so we spent the day at Ben vistas shack in anjuna . nice quiet and chilled and no rotten odours πŸ˜‰ most places have wifi even the shacks on the beach , but the internet has been destroyed in anjuna vagator the last few days , can barely even load a page. sunburners have wiped out the bandwidth completely right across the village . it briefly came back this afternoon and evening .


that evening we went for normal food after a dodgy food of previous days in cafe lambretta . wanted something safe reliable and not spicy . nicks place arpora always gets a lot of people saying how good it is , and after going to jamies in baga a few times and enjoying we thought yeh why not do baga . oh dear , what a cheesy experience , its nothing like jamies . bland food [which we wanted in a way and got lol] , 100% brit , people seated wearing towels [WTF totally inappropriate for an evening restaurant] , and a the worst dining music policy ever … reet petite , lulu shout , grease , madness …. quite literally i hated every single track . wont mention fairground bleeding attraction the ultimate numpty tune . the music said everything .



if you cant beat em join em …. for a laugh ordered steak n onion pie and chips with the ‘home from homers’ hahaha, and priced 380 was basic and nothing to write about . the Mrs got veg massala which was her most bland Indian she has had in last 2 weeks – 2 mouthfuls and left the lot . for starters again chicken strips just average , and onion bahgi where a bit rubbery , not very crispy , and a starter served as a main with 6 huge tennis sized balls when you needed 2 or 3 at most ! cheap cheerfull and like back home is the reason to go here . the place was packed too , and overated . liver pate , beef pie , american chicken , knickerbockerglory , chips … its was like being in the back of a forgettable pub in england , cant understand why people go there when all the good places exist nearby etc . seems weird but i wont try adn understand id be worried if i did . however it must be said that the brit people where noticeably more polite than we had been used to over the last few weeks – where we are there arent really any brits as such . and service was decent to be fair . we sooooo got this wrong tonite ! each to there own tho …bon apetit .






bland – someone elses dish

cnadolim food

tripped into baga / calangute later mainly to get some food for the mrs . weve been here 5 times now and always leave as fast as we arrive . today was reminiscent of when dj David guetta came to baga last year – truly packed out , unreal . imagine having a holiday on the m6 ….. welcome to baga . we where in this most instense 8pm traffic near calangute roundabout dec 30th on a temporary one way system with all sorts of police diversions and pedestrian chaos , and as we inched along an Indian felt the Mrs bare leg , i didnt see it but heard her shout and she didn’t half belt him too which near brought the bike over and before we could even stop he had been swallowed in the huge crowds of people with several bikes and cars beeping cos we slowed . unfortunately a lot of groping goes on with women in crowds in india , i witnessed it a few times on other people , they are really sly about it too . the crowds on the street where quite something to see , and i saw other people post similar messages like ‘never seen baga/cal as busy’ . too much , no holiday being here .

baga nye

went back to the relative safety up north and shore bar on anjuna beach … ahhhhhhhh . good house music and less chaos . happy days , did anyone else witness how busy those streets where tonite , bonkers !

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