goa dec13-jan14 : day 12 sunburn festival, all night after parties, disgusting cafe lambretta, chapora fort

sunburn kicks off today , anjuna and vagator have been turned into a huge 1 way loop traffic system , a lot busier all day but the traffic has been so well managed with police , event staff , and signs and traffic redirects everywhere , very impressive there are zero traffic jams . beep beep is the soundtrack as a million mopeds invade lol .




went for breakfast , had some smoodies , and elvis parsley was mentioned πŸ˜‰


everyone having after parties for next few days of sunburn , signs for parties everywhere . went to little vagator beach for day in “om shack”



widescreen panoramic image


waters is ready for their sunburn after parties for next 3 days with a big system on the lower deck by the pool .


thong man back again is year , so is donut man 50 rps choc or jam .



‘chapora fort’ for sunset amazing as ever can see right over to ‘sunburn’ site as light fades festival illuminates vagator hill . faint bass sound rumbles across the landscape . you can see anjuna , vagator , morjim and beyond , down cahpora river incl teso and sunburn pleasure cruise boat .











widescreen panoramic image


the rubbish that gets thrown in goa is unnaceptable along with the lack of bins or refuse/recycle plants – whos pocket is all the money being syphoned into ?? chapora fort had piles of it in various places , like these dozens of broken bottles , or hundreds of empty juice boxes from the juice seller or rather juice litter man . no excuse really .


destination sunburn , people are charged already , car loads , bike loads , drink loads . p.a.r.t.y ! everyone is looping vagator and anjuna on their gopeds round the 1 way loop . its a long way round but pretty well organised . the vast majority of indians drive like absolute nut jobs it must be said , no patience whatsoever , if there is a gap take it , a que jump it , an obstacle fuck it , a rule break it . one sole intention just get there asap… 1 gear forward at full speed , horn sounding . if they ever want to understand why their country is the road death capital of the world take a look/in your mirror guys . oh yeh I forgot , you don’t use them . or your indicators . but Facebook is OK when driving a bike … unreal ! what was the stat , every 4th death on the worlds roads is in India . I believe it !

tonight we revisited cafe lambretta anjuna for dinner , we went last year when it had just opened and it was a joke , mixing drinks up , not having clue about the menu , awful waiters . we thought OK seeing as it was new last December 2012 we would try again 1 year on now that they are established – big mistake ! i can report nothings changed . ordered 3 types of wines but didnt have any . ordered the pizza starter , didn’t have , ordered rissotto didn’t have . didn’t have any fresh pasta cos ‘pasta machine broke’ . ordered 2 other non pasta dishes but didn’t have cos ‘this one is fried , this one is boiled so they are same’ was excuse followed by ‘and pasta machine’ . we explained it wasn’t pasta so what didn’t that have to do with it? eventually settled for drinks and food we didnt want in all honesty but we where there . we told the waiter about our last experience a year ago , he said ‘yes they do have problems still’ … okayyyyyy . so starters arrived … chicken first , appeared OK but was a bit rubbery , tasted funny and not fantastic at all . bruschetta turned up , looked ok but like the chicken don’t judge a book by the cover …. the bruschetta was all burnt black , and the burnt sides ‘hidden’ by being turned downwards haha . the chef knew he had burnt it but instead of doing a few pieces of bread in an empty restaurant the chef just sent the food out instead . we where the only mugs in the place and they couldn’t toast bread omg . when we complained where told manager wasnt in , and the boss on duty wasnt interested to see us when nobody else was in their restaurant ! pathetic . so we sent it back enough was enough . cancelled the mains too and said we would leave and pay our bill. this isn’t a cheap place either it really fancies itself . what a joke . to top it all offf they then added their service charge to the bill . refused to pay that final inept charge . i actually think its worse that last year in terms of place is empty , waiters arent interested , no managers working , theyve even got rid of the lambretta bike that was the main feature in the middle of restaurant . the pits . [NB this cafe lambretta story will continue tomorrow]












we nipped along to basilico at anjuna starco junction and grabbed the bruschetta we should have got , and a margarita pizza




we decided to go and hit the sunburn after parties instead . had a top laugh with the Indians drinking and rolled out about 3am having a brilliant nite , it was really busy in vagator after sunburn and a great vibe .




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