goa dec13-jan14 : day 7 – villa anjuna , teso , waters , chapora , burger factory , noise police !

we like to try and mix it up each day and try some new stuff , so today we went to “villa anjuna” [suprisingly in anjuna] for the day . its a real suntrap here sheltered from the breeze around the pool , and you sure need to replace those fluids . if you want to use the pool its fine but its a fee of 200rps for the pool with a towel and sunbed gratis . its on anjuna main road near the beach , you could easily drive past it and not notice the place . like most places the pool was quite cold !



while there i had a decent poolside club sandwichwith carrot cheese ham chicken egg mayo , even the crust trimmed off the bread , all for 150 . i think the mrs had veg manchurian or something .



hilltop was open today , had a party on . music is too heavy in general , and you can tell how many people are here by the number of bikes outside ! there where about 10 bikes so we thought lets have a nose and a couple of beers for an hour when nobody is here , but they wanted 200r admission so gave it a swerve as it looked empty . didnt need a 145bpm headache that much . right opposite hilltop is where sunset 2013 festival site is starting to take shape , not long now before over 120,000 people arrive over the 3 days . anjuna vagator will be mental !

so rather than hilltop we went to spen our cash at “waters” in little vagator instead , so glad . its brand new just opened in xmas 2013 .


400-500 for great fresh cocktails , 150 small tuborg beer , 350 Shiraz . its not cheap but there again neither is the place and they have really made the effort here , on about 5 or 6 levels all staggered down to the beach with a pool on one level , a dj on one , and a small indoor club to get round those pesky noise control 10pm cut offs, and more . there where lots of seating areas with cabanas etc , all very exclusive . had an amazing sunset cos the view is so special here . the manager hung out with us for a while telling us about the place , brought a few dishes of some complimentary food over like chicken wings and things etc . class . while not serving proper meals [yet] they had great snack food .















wanted to watch the football on tv so chose ‘eatopia’ in anjnuna near starco junction , got 60rps doubles on honeybee , and they have a really great v large screen for sport with crystal clear picture . pretty much had the place to ourselves .

for dinner wanted to revisit “burger factory” in anjuna , its on anjuna main road . little has changed from last year except they are open later , have more seats . the burgers are just as good . solid ground beef handmade jobs , large and very filling . they do several types and a good veggie option too that is a lentil based pattie . i think this is the best burger ive eaten in goa , 100 pillows baga was decent too but still think this takes the crown .


after there w went for the night to teso , there was a party hosted by “soma awakening” and had a couple of really good dj’s on , one who records for cocoon in germany . deep house / tech house was the style . got pretty busy and teso is a superb classy joint , outdoor stage under the palms with a tasty well tuned sound system , incredible location and designer cabanas [i put a lot of pics on last time too if you want to see more use search box ‘teso’] . theyve even put in a swimming pool in the decking this year . drinks are 200 for kngfisher ultra , and 500 cocktails , but the well made cocktails are really legit with fresh fruit and branded spirits . not cheap but considering it was free in fair play . not many people drank too much , and i couldnt help thinking more would if they just took a look at the prices . bearing in mind chapora for 60rps beers and 35rps honeybees is 1 minute along the road and a lot of those people where here tonite . the party came to a quiet end when the local noise police came calling about 1pm . after about 45 mins of volume being 20% of what it was we decided that was it for us .










we went to what we affectionately call “skid row” , the main bar street in chapora for fresh corn on the cobs , fresh juices from jai ganesh , honeybees too add to the juices from the nearby 35rps shots bar , and a sat under the banyan tree / temple . its a superb spot for watching the crazies commute . and boy does it attract the crazies in chapora πŸ˜‰ fresh fruit cocktails here ended up 80 for juice , 35 for kingfisher = 230rps for two vs 1000 in teso . lets get pissed yehhh !


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