goa dec13-jan14 : day 3 – anjuna market , switch pool party , jamies baga , sinq , titos , curlies

wednesday in anjuna means market to most people . usually quiet / steady anjuna becomes a lot busier on the beach this day each week with day trippers in cabs by the bucketload . volume of people must be double . its naturally attracts every beggar in goa and neighbouring states who put anjuna wednesday in their mental diary . there was all the usual things like bands food jewllery clothes spices homewares gifts food and drink etc . its predominantly indians sellers with low low prices rather than ingos saturday night bazaar with a majority of ex pats charging a fortune for stuff they buy dirt cheap . there is also a large tibetan presence here with two huge tented areas and all the jewellery you want and more . its all compact and easy to navigate if you like your accessories girls . i think anjuna is the best market for shopping , while ingos is excellent for other things but we can save that till saturdays entry . those pesky “soap in your ears” guys where in overload today wanting to stick things down your ear and pull out fictitious ear crumb . doesnt half get hot with less air and midday sun . bring things for the beach , its adjacent to a beach so you can cool off periodically . the mrs bought loads today – clothes spices foood drink bedding blankets and tons of other woman stuff . one place does these bad azz samosa’s for 20rps . fresh made infront of you . when your all shopped out late afternoon the bands start .

and it ends with a sunset over a beer

wednesday in anjuna also now means “switch pool party” @ Laguna anjuna , they bill it as “you go to the market , we go to dance our butts off” . nice deep house and tech house all day round the pool , and its a whopping pool too . like most its freezing lol . poss best or second best pool in anjuna for sure . free entry with dj#s on all day playing underground stuff , wasnt that busy but we had a good time here ‘getting in the mood’ for tonite πŸ˜‰









after that we went to get some supplies and a guy came off his bike , albeit fairly slow , on gravel at oxford anjuna . gotta be shit carefull on these goan roads for people , cows and animals , holes , unlit vehicles and dangerous driving manoeuvres , and the dreaded gravel on bends . its not how fast you can get there , its how fast you can stop . and if you make it there alive . oxford is great for supplies tho , sells everything from toiletries to small electrical , currency to usb sticks , food and booze !



after last nights 6 restaurant challenge we wanted to play it totally safe tonite – must be crossing over to the ‘dark side’ … baga lol ! bagas too busy for us in general but its where most brit people go for their holidays so we are in the minority but we like being some of the 1%’ers [tm crazybear] and goa is good like that it caters for most people except high end . c/c/b does offer a wider selection of food tho so we dont mind passing thru now and again . “Jamies” always is a solid bet when ive been , good food and excellent service with the right setting . shiraz wine, 2 kingfishers , 2 large old monks, 2 lg honeybees 2 diet coke, chicken starter, veg tempura starter, veg dal naan, steak potato gratin 2250 + tip . really awesome professional service we got , the floor manager , a young guy , does a superb job of watching what goes on . even saw some tripadvisors in there !!! if there is anywhere else that does atmosphere , service , food like this id like to know . most places seem to fail on one of those 3 points .









after that we went to “Sinq club” in sinquerim nr candolim , got some drinks at the bar but we really felt like they where either watered down , cheap spirits , or short measures ? hmm . jacked up prices being that type of place i expected more . the place is really tasty tho and they are building an additonal appt block too and have a lovely pool area . id def try again but be a bit more aware and order drinks at the bar next time or stick to beer . the crowd was quite stylish and cool , music was half decent too . worth checking out for sure , they have regular party nights .



headed back to the anjuna bars later on , having to pass thru candolim calangute and baga . when i heard “lady in red” in candolim i twisted that throttle just that little bit more ! as we went thru the strip we saw titos lane and went for a nose , titos/mambos has a bull ride challenge inside , lmao . must get mental in there at the weekend / holidays .






so arrived back and it was pretty busy upstairs in curlies , the upstairs had over half the seats taken , and the attached club part had a hard trance night going off late night and again had a pretty solid crowd . entry was free that night , but party nights they ask for 1000rps etc .



excellent evening .

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