goa dec13-jan14 : day 1 – exchange rate high , hippies / guru / curlies anjuna + 9bar vagator

Day 1

Airport to anjuna 1200 in a cab . New terminal is nearly complete and open , just several weeks away . Exchange at airport usual crap rate 88r just got 20 quids worth (for ref its 100.7 in resort) . 4 other TA’ers on our flight that we knew of . Arrived with late night quite misty weather . everyone makes u so welcome to be back just like I’ve known them forever. they don’t forget faces easy , good job I don’t owe them any money . Exchange was 100.75 in main oxford supermarket. kings beer was 36r , tequilla cuervo 1750 r, corona and magners each 200 in supermarkets .


got a really decent bike 250r P/D incl Xmas NY period which was happy with . did Lunch and sunbathing at hippies anjuna . they have a new kind of semi indoor pod / club now on the top floor , as do others like UV bar (getting round those 10pm outdoor noise regs I guess) . the front was different , but the menus where definitely last years still . there additional outside space has been cleared looks like they have been stopped from having there weekly parties outside now , hence the small club upstairs .





Shiva valley shack/club is surprisingly still open till all hours , despite reading before I left of them having no license for 3 years and being drugs raided/closed in may 13 . money talks . money talks . dirty cash I want you , dirty cash I need you woh oh.


stayed for the sunset , chilled with the cows . why is it so cool cows on the beach ?




Lots of new places in anjuna/vagator this year … a Spanish place ‘la tomatina’ , ‘sizzling goa’ on main rd, a tapas place nr oxford called “dali” , lots of new stalls north beach end , “chronicle” in vagator which bills itself as high end Italian rest plus club , “waves” in vagator which is a high end lounge bar , and “xtreme sports bar” between “Janet + johns” and “lilleput” un by the “shore bar” team . a lot happens in a year .

tonite did Guru anjuna for food and a live band , feat an impromptu guest spot from the ‘white rapper’ . the live band , a snoozy guy called “cliff from mapus” , who told us his 700 y/o house was being painted lol, then he he got ‘the white rapper’ on stage to show us a few cliches. yehh word homie …. comical . but at least it livened cliff up a bit .



guru food was just ok , had chicken cafrael 200 , veg pakora 80 , veg dal 90 , average 70 beers and 250 red wine,


full moon in goa tonite


went for late night drinks little vagator/ozran but ‘Our shack’ was closed . a big stylish new place “waves” built on top of cliffs that stated its concrete foundations last yr . nearby the “sunburn” festival 2013 site is all fenced off next to vagator football pitch near “hill top” trance club . Its the “IBW” site from last year . instead did ‘9bar’ which had easily over 100 in , but after 11pm the action is all inside these days, 100r beer , 100r honeybee , 300r jagermeister . wanted 200r admission but but explained scousers get in free so they let us in lol .



after there did last orders at “Curlies” , was only open till 2am tonite which is early for them , even tho it was quiet but still got smashed. welcome to goa !!!


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