tulum , mexico , day 14: biosphere, el tabano, restrantaure, curandero, pemex scam

final day had to be back to the sian ka’an biosphere for one last time , went a bit further along than cesiak by about a mile . had the whole of the end of the bay to ourselves for the whole day , amazing place . totally unspoilt paradise !





juiced up the car for the drive tomorrow and returning car at cancun airport . pemex tried to rip us , got 15 litres @ 163 total , then asked for 5 more @ 54 , so he reset meter in between … i knew there was a scam coming . 2 of them started talking in a suspicious manner . i didnt know the spanish amount he asked so he wrote it on the side of biosphere dust on the car – he asked for $317 . i said why $317 ? he said 263 plus 54 = 317 . i said no , corrected his working out to 163 then 54 . he disputed it for 10 seconds till i told him and his urchin buddy to F OFF , then he said ok sorry yes its $217 . its the young scally with the spiky hair . dirty rotten bastards from the pemex on the downtown link rd to the beach by the police station . id used it 3 times previous without issue but this time was a bad scam .

you can see $263 changed to $163 on window , and TOTAL $31x changed to $21x on door .


for our last night thought we would go to el tabano as had quite a few good reviews on TA [and some poor] . i had chicken red sauce 190 , mrs had veggie which she asked about in detail before ordering . waitress said tamales came full of beans and veg , but they didnt , it was 2 lumps of soggy mess . the arrogance of head waiter when questioned about food was unreal … instead of discussing he simply proclaimed ‘its not up for discussion’ – oh really !! however he said they would swap the dish and she decided she would have the pepper dish instead , but after thinking about the arrogance for 20 seconds she walked back up to waiter and said ‘actually lets leave it we will just have the meat dish’ , to which he said ‘yes lets leave it hey , its best’ in a condescending way , was not interested in us having any decent experience , it was his way or highway .

now i know why a lot of reviews of this place say arrogant and give bad scores on tripadvisor , it was unreal . my chicken dish was tasty for sure , a rich tomato spicy sauce , but it was the smallest amount of boned chicken in a huge clay pot , and a bowl of rice that was about the amount of a table spoon , so small . i dont eat big american sized dishes but it even left me hungry . not enough food at all . i ate as fast as poss cos the atmosphere stunk in there and service was shocking . i asked for the bill , and didnt get a ‘how was the chicken’ or a ‘sorry about the tamales not being as as described’ , or any kind of warmth which he gave 2 other tables , just more arrogance and cold shoulder and got presented with a bill for ALL the food haha ! id had enough , i left what i ate plus drinks [250 not 430] and we walked . man this place sucks ! and it was the only place in 2 weeks that couldnt be bothered putting a lime in a corona …. sheer lazy arses !




this is NOT the tamales from el tabano !!!!


took the mrs next door to restrantaure [no.1 restaurant on tripadvisor and vegan] – veggie curry 130 and was really good . music was great in there too , the guy was playing some awesome indy tracks and atmosphere was genuine . several tables really seemed to be enjoying the food . they dont serve booze just food and do it very well . service was great , he visited table 3 times to check all was cool . this guy knows how to provide a service not an insult like the jokers next door .



after the fun on the beach we went to curandero in downtown on the main strip . had great cocktails in there , the guy there with the beard serves a decent drink for sure ! prices are good . music the few times we went was always cool n funky . they also had a band playing too . neat art on the walls . good crowd . its opposite mint bar .



and that was our 14 days blogging in tulum , hope you found a few tips and things of interest , we had an amazing time there πŸ˜‰


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